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Full Post: Kate Recycles Another Goat Coat in Birmingham

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kate seems to have decided this is the Year of the Goat! The Duchess of Cambridge (along with her duke) traveled to Birmingham today for an Away Day that marks their second trip to the city. The duo began at the Jaguar Land Rover plant, and as the Duchess stepped out of her own Range Rover, we saw she was giving her second GOAT London coat a rewear!

The Cambridges toured the plant, which employs over 10,000 and met with workers, including those hired via a program that helps ex-military personnel join the workforce. 

The royals, of course, drive Range Rovers quite a bit, and the company creates various specialized cars for the BRF's public duties, as well. KP shared this snap of the two enjoying a look back at the modified Range Rovers that were used for the Patron's Lunch.


The highlight of the visit saw Kate get behind the wheel of a Range Rover to tackle a bit of off-roading. The Princess had some trouble getting up this very uneven terrain, although let's be honest, I bet she has navigated some bumpy roads at Balmoral. Without the cameras on her, she is doubtless willing to hit the engine a little more aggressively.

Next on the royals' agenda was a stop at the AVFC Foundation to visit with a Coach Core group. We knew when Kate arrived at the start of the day wearing black skinnies that she'd likely shed the coat at some point. Away Days often require ensemble modifications, and sure enough she took her more formal coat off and put on the red duvet ski jacket from Perfect Moment, which she wore for the Heads Together training before the London Marathon.

Gary Laybourne

Kate, ever the eternal optimist, seemed as if she thought she could zip this coat up, but, no. Baby Cambridge #3 is already asserting herself/himself and would have none of it.

The couple finished their day at the ACME Whistles factory, a family business that produces whistles for sporting events and the Metropolitan police, as well as whistles for dogs. Some of the whistles sound at certain levels that only dogs can hear, and Kate pointed out that different dogs hear at different levels. William and Kate said they had one for Lupo, and William was able to give the exact number of the whistle!
Ok, let's talk fashion here. Kate wore the Washington coat, her Lauren leaf earrings from Kiki, and these new Hi Ride boots from Russell & Bromley. She carried her Bayswater clutch which generally appears to be a very flat envelope clutch, but Kate had it full to bursting today and it exhibited a more rounded shape [see opening picture], which was interesting.

I don't think I win brownie points with GOAT London by reminding you all that I haven't loved Kate's Goat Coats to date. I liked her recent recycle of the Redgrave even less than its debut, but today the Duchess took what was an "ok look" in New York to a real stand-out here in Birmingham.

The turtleneck peeking out added a little extra oomph to the ensemble. It made the trim of the coat stand out more and underscored the 60s vibe. So that was really cute. However, the new boots took this ensemble triumphantly into the end zone.

A couple of years ago, Kate wandered away from her trusty Aquatalias and she has, very frankly, been wandering in a bit of a boot wasteland ever since. As I mentioned in the post on the Redgrave recycle, she has been wearing boots with very square and heavy heels, and I just haven't found them flattering.

These Hi Ride boots have two important features. First, they don't hug her legs completely, but hold their structure and give her legs wiggle room, so they are very slimming. Second, although they feature trendy block heels, those heels are tapered, which creates a more graceful and feminine silhouette. They are a throwback to circa 2011-2012, and even before--Kate has been a boot princess for years. Boots can be heavy and are not foolproof fashion accessories. Kate's struggle to find great boots over the fast few years has been (secretly) one of my greatest fashion disappointments, and I am ecstatic over today's boots. Huge home run!

So, to leave no ambiguity, I thought this was a great styling. The skinnies/jeggings are the right way to do black! Unlike her jeans at the start of her pregnancy, these couldn't be darker and as a result, they look polished and put together. Actually, they look like the J.Crew twill jeggings she wore in New York, and I wonder if these are J.Crew as well. Whatever they are, they are black jeans done right. A great day in Birmingham!

Range Rover

Meghan Markle Musing: Meghan has been spotted in London shopping and generally having a holiday time of it. There was a story that she would be heading back to LA for Thanksgiving with her mom, but does anyone else think she'll bring her mom to London and cook Harry his first American Thanksgiving? Maybe even have William, Kate, and kids over? Just asking... That's what this American would do!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American compatriots. I am thankful for a lot of things, among them all of you who faithfully read the blog, even when it's late! For the royal correspondents on the ground who gather such fun quotes, share minute-to-minute videos of engagements, and dig up information, or call and wrangle Palace staffers, for the news we like to chit chat about. And of course, for the photographers who provide the beautiful images we all enjoy!

Sneak Peek: Kate & William Start Their Day in Birmingham

I am doing a Sneak Peek today with a post to come later. William and Kate are in Birmingham and the Duchess has recycled her "Washington" coat from GOAT London!  GOAT London is having a really great month. :) 

You will remember this coat from Kate's quick trip to New York in December of 2014, when she wore it without the turtleneck she used today.

Today, Kate is accessorizing with her Lauren earrings from Kiki McDonough, new suede boots, and what appear to be jeans or trousers, rather than stockings. She is carrying the same Bayswater clutch she did in New York, but today it has quite a bit more in it, which has changed its shape. 

A reader at Kate Middleton Style suggests Kate's boots are the Hi Ride from Russell & Bromley. You know how pleased these are making me feel... 

The couple have started their day at the Land Rover factory, and have a busy schedule on this Away Day. 


Just a few fun videos before I go. Here the Cambridges are meeting plant workers:

And here Kate is behind the wheel of Range Rover about to do an off-road challenge. I hope someone asks her if she already has experience with this thanks to holidays at Balmoral or around Sandringham. :)

Full post to come later. Have a great morning! 

Kate Wears the Zarita to Philip & Elizabeth's Dinner Party

Monday, November 20, 2017

Two posts in one day! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were pictured arriving at the Queen and Philip's dinner party tonight celebrating the royal couple's 70th wedding anniversary. [They have been pictured leaving with Harry, and Kate is bundled in a fuzzy coat]

Kate is dressed to the nines in her DVF Zarita, which we just saw on the 7th at the Anna Freud Centre's gala dinner.

By very lucky happenstance, Kate tossed her head at the right moment for James Whatling to catch a picture that included her earrings. She is wearing the Collingwood pearl earrings. I am not an expert on the BRF family jewelry, but a quick Google search pulled up Kate's necklace. It is indeed on loan from the Queen, who has worn it on a number of occasions and loaned it to Diana, too. More from the blog Her Majesty's Jewelry Vault:
The necklace includes four rows of pearls with a central diamond clasp in a curved shape, each side including three rows of diamonds that join at the top and bottom with marquise diamonds. According to Garrard: The Crown Jewellers for 150 Years, the Queen commissioned this from a set of the "finest cultured pearls presented to her by the Japanese government." She made her first state visit to Japan in 1975; the choker was in use by at least 1982.
This is the latest foray into more pearl jewelry for Kate, and I am loving the trend. Here is the Queen wearing the choker on November 16, 1983 in Bangladesh: 

What about Meghan Markle? According to Niraj Tanna, a royal paparazzo who has been scooping royal exclusives for years, says she was not there. I am very surprised, and I think this suggests that Harry and Meghan are not secretly engaged, although I do think they will be publicly engaged sooner rather than later. But, I am still surprised. Meghan has met the Queen, but this underscores (I suppose) how strongly HM sticks to protocol, and I cannot blame her for that. 

Queen & Philip Mark 70 Years + Will Meghan Markle Celebrate with Them?

It is the Queen and Prince Philip's 70th wedding anniversary today! The bells of Westminster Abbey clamored rapturously (for over three hours!) to mark the occasion, Philip was pictured ferrying friends about in his buggy, and Meghan Markle has been spotted in London, sparking rumors that the American actress will attend tonight's exclusive dinner party the Queen has planned at Windsor Castle. It's a busy and exciting day.

The Royal Family's social accounts have shared this two minute video covering highlights of the royal couple's marriage, and also shared the news that the Queen has made Philip a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order on this platinum anniversary. 

You all probably read that Meghan Markle has wrapped filming of Suits. Emily Andrews confirmed the veracity of her earlier exclusive (announcing Meghan wouldn't return) when she found a farewell tribute that Meghan's body-double posted on Instagram. Meanwhile, other reports say she is working on getting her two dogs vetted and cleared to move them to the UK. Her arrival in London in time for tonight's very private dinner party has us all expecting an engagement announcement sooner rather than later. I love pre-Christmas engagements, because it is such a magical time, and the focus on love and family makes an engagement all the more exciting. We shall see. An early December announcement would be very fun!