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Kate & William Watch Wales v. Australia at Rugby World Cup

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friends, you win some, you lose some. I learn this weekly in Torts. Today, I was reminded of it in fashion. We saw Kate earlier in the afternoon when she recycled her Tory Burch for a visit to Mind in Harrow.  It was a win. A big win.  To universal delight, the Duke and Duchess changed and attended the Wales v. Australia rugby game at Twickenham. She wore the Reiss "Delaney."

To which coat does Jane have the greatest aversion? If you are a longtime reader, you better be shouting, "The Dreaded Moloh!" I'd mark you correct for your answer, but I think even that coat is displaced by the Reiss "Delaney." I very frankly and unabashedly believe that Kate has almost never made a fashion miss-step. Everything she wears is pretty much perfect in my mind. But, when you are exceptional, you are held to higher standard, so the few times my fashion muse has failed really has left an impression.

I always get in trouble when I am negative, but I just can't put a positive spin on this coat. Kate debuted it in the winter of 2013. She wore it with corduroy like jeans and her furry booties.

I am not going to drag everyone through the analysis again, if you need a refresher, this is the post on that appearance. Today, We didn't really get the full effect. Most of the shots barely show Kate, and what we can see looks good. Grey is a fantastic color on Kate and she mixed it with the mysterious back top, which we now know is not a dress. I thought she looked great in these barely visible shots. Love it. Grey, deep red, and black on a glowing princess. It's practically perfect.

The caveat is, of course, that she put this coat with jeans and her Aquatalia Rumba boots. I myself own the Aquatalia Rumba boots and love them. But, they don't go with jeans. Kate is the Queen of boots. She taught me how to wear boots. These boots don't go well with jeans.

To sum up, the ensemble looks fine in the majority of the photos we actually have, but I am absolutely certain I would have disliked this had we gotten the full effect. So, 85% win on pictures, not a hopeful outlook were I to judge the complete outfit. I think Kate wore this as revenge for my position on pap photos of her children, and she almost has me crying "uncle." :)

No melt-downs in the comment section. I know it is just clothes, but, that is half the reason we are here. Kate looked gloriously gorgeous. It was just that coat. We need to bribe Rebecca Deacon to trash it while Kate is off playing with Charlotte. 

Kate Recycles Tory Burch for World Mental Health Day at Mind in Harrow

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge marked World Mental Health Day with a visit to Harrow College in London. They were attending an event hosted by Mind, a charity that works to improve support for those suffering from mental health problems. 

Part of their visit included meeting with students involved in the "Time to Change" initiative, which is an anti-stigma campaign produced by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. The Time to Change website explains a little about the program:
Our young Champions have been central to our children and young people’s campaign, and have delivered training in schools so that staff and students get to hear people’s real life stories. The young Champions also helped create materials for secondary schools to use to run their own Time to Change campaign.
The couple also sat down and learned from students using a program called "mind kit" which features puzzles and games that "work-out" the brain.

Kate has really been focusing on mental health this fall. Her press office announced she would dedicate the majority of her autumn calendar to it, and the word on the street, via People, is she will travel to Dundee in Scotland later this month. William and Kate both spent time meeting students and adults working to improve mental health. Nina Massay of PA took this snap of William chatting with a basketball coach about the positive effects of the sport:

@NinaMasseyPA Twitter

Kate recycled a dress that I think was a hit when she debuted it? Was the consensus split on this? I very much liked the Tory Burch Paulina. Kate first wore it to the Plunket Playdate with George in New Zealand. The focus was very much on the baby prince at the time, but I thought the dress was very flattering on the Duchess.

One of you lovely readers pointed out that we never got a very clear view of the dress when she wore it in NZ, and wholeheartedly agree. It is just as pretty or more so! I am particular nothing the two pleats in the front. This is a very flattering dress on Kate. 

Kate was at the Anna Freud Centre last month, which was also an event highlighting mental health. I think it is interesting that for both that engagement and this one, Kate chose to wear black and white patterned dresses. For some reason, it seems like a perfect choice...

Once again, Kate's fringe/bangs are gorgeous. I really like this look on her right now. They have grown out just a hair or two, and are more flattering than ever. Despite wearing her hair in her signature long waves, we still got a glimpse of the new pair of earrings Kate was sporting!

They are from Kiki McDonough's Lauren collection. Launched earlier this summer, the collection features this leaf motif to celebrate British ballerina Lauren Cuthbertson and her role as Alice in Alice in Wonderland.  They are 18t gold and studded with little diamonds. Whether Kate bought them, or whether they were a gift, these little dangles cost somebody £1,400!

Kiki McDonough's Lauren Leaf Earrings
The Duchess carried one of her favorite clutches, the Mulberry Bayswater. It is pictured below as it was released to the public, but Kate had hers customized in suede. She carries it often. She wore her Stuart Weitzman "Power" pumps--again, old faithfuls for her. 

William and Kate were their usual charming selves. I am perfectly content to see Kate do solo engagements, but is a nice treat when they are together. Their combined energy certainly gives an event a special edge, and their joy in each other is infectious.  

Verdict: Big win. This is such a feminine and flattering dress, its fun and interesting, without overwhelming the scene and the focus. Kate's hair was perfect and she added a fun edge by debuting those earrings. Such a great Royal Recycle! Oddly, perhaps, this was my favorite photo. Kate looks so gorgeous, her eyes are sparkling and she looks natural and full of fun. Just the way I imagine her at home with her family:

Please note that William and Kate ARE at the Wales rugby game. Kate is in her Reiss Delaney coat and what I think are her Rumbas, but will have to wait for better picture. Best photo can be seen here. I have to pop off to some other things, but I will be back tonight with a chilled glass of champagne and that update. Join me then! ;) 

Look-Back: Kate & William at Middle Temple Inn

Thursday, October 8, 2015

As we wait with anticipation for Kate's next official appearance, I am doing another look-back and it will not surprise you to see why. Three years ago today, William and Kate made a joint appearance at Middle Temple Inn to meet the first recipients of a scholarship for underprivileged law students. The scholarship was founded in their name as a wedding gift by members of Middle Temple Inn and the couple seemed excited to meet and chat with students benefiting from the grant. They have a further connection, because William was made an honorary barrister in 2009. I need one of those. ;) 

The Inns of Court were historically where barristers lodged and lived and worked. Today there are four remaining Inns of Court and they have the exclusive right to call students to the bar. Middle Temple (with Inner temple) is the oldest, dating back to 1388. For those interested in history, that would have been during the reign of Richard II. This picture just feeds my wanderlust. London is such a magnificent city. 

Doorway to Middle Temple via Carron Brown Creative Commons

Not to veer off the path here, but what else do we have to do on a balmy Thursday morning. Google has a super awesome "360" experience where you can actually navigate through Middle Temple just as you would wander a Paris on "Street View," if that is how you like to spend your free time. :)  I love architecture and was very excited to see this. The tour starts in the hall, but if you navigate out, you will quickly recognize some of the backgrounds we know from pictures of Kate's visits to Middle Temple.

The Princess wore Paule Ka, who as my luck would have it, is a French label. The stars aligned. Serge Cajfinger, Paule Ka's founder, was born in Lille, France. He grew up in Brazil, but returned to Lille to launch his label. He mixes classic with contemporary in that effortless French manner and produces pieces that are both unique and timeless. 

Kate has only ever worn this one ensemble from the label--to our knowledge! Browsing his look-book, I thought all the below designs would be gorgeous on Kate. I particularly like the evening gown that features her favorite balance of demure and daring. 

The royal couple's visit to Middle Temple was just a year after their wedding and you will note the short skirt, something we saw frequently at the time, and not much of now. This is a very classic Kate Middleton ensemble, as she transitioned into the Duchess she has so thoroughly become. I admit that I miss it just a little bit. 

I thought it was a very cute suit. I don't think we'd see much like it today, and I know there are some objective arguments to be made against it, particularly as time moves on. Nevertheless, I thought it was very flattering on Kate, and I think she was (and is ;)) young enough to pull it off.  Kate's style may have changed, but the constant element  was the chemistry between the Duke and Duchess. They are perfect. Life goals, kids. Life. Goals. 

In case you missed out! I posted to the Facebook page, but Carole was spotted shopping for what we assume were clothes for Charlotte. E! ran exclusive photos, which you can view here. They couldn't have been too exclusive, because one of you lovely readers also told me that Bunte is running the pictures, too. In any event...

She looked chic as always. Ashley identified Carole's trousers as Somerset by Alice Temperley's Diamond Prints. They are for sale at John Lewis and run £89.

Somerset is a Temperley diffusion line exclusive to John Lewis. Kate has worn a piece from them, as well. You probably recall the boat dress she wore to the BAR headquarters earlier this year. It was Somerset, and as you can imagine, sold very, very quickly. 

Like mother, like daughter! 

See you all on the 10th! 

The Middletons Join Prince Harry at England v. Australia Rugby Game

Saturday, October 3, 2015

We are loooong overdue for a Middleton sighting, so I was delighted to see that Carole, Michael, and James were at Twickenham today to watch the England v. Australia match. They were seated one row in front of a very enthusiastic Prince Harry.

I am not sure who the redhead with James is. Perhaps a friend or relative? Maybe one of you all has an idea? Let me (and the rest of us) know in the comments, if you do!  As always, Carole looks ridiculously chic. I am trying to figure out what scarf she is wearing.

BBC Sports News tells me that England was, more or less, crushed and are now out of the competition. I should not have had to Google that, though, because Carole really told the tale. I have said it before, and will say it again: we know from whom Kate gets her expressive game-face. I love these shots. The resemblance between the two is so apparent here. (P.S. is that Guy Pelly behind her?)

It was not a good game...

It looks like Carole is wearing a gilet with a latch-clasp. That which is visible feels very Ralph Lauren.

I just still love to relish these moments. My propensity to gloat over the Middletons' success must speak to a personality flaw, but I do love to remember how this family was excoriated in the press for so many years and here they are...their daughter is a princess, a duchess, a global super-star, and they are grandparents of the future king. Ahhh, he who laughs last, laughs best. It was worth the wait.

So, loss for England, but win for Royal/Middleton fans. You really must look for the silver linings in life. :)