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Get Kate's "King's Road Shopping Day" Look!

Monday, April 25, 2011

If you loved Kate's look on King's Road last week, but can't afford a $500 Issa dress, or simply can't find it in stock! you can recreate the look reasonably at Banana Republic!  Kate is a fan of Banana Republic, as they revealed last week after her shopping spree, so it is the perfect store to go to if you want a similar style!

They have the Gemma wrap dress  in black right now and paired with a great pair of tan kitten heels like these from Nordstrom, you will be ready for a classy day out yourself.  You'll have to find a sapphire engagement ring on your own, but dressed like this is your best chance for plenty of good options!

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well, I tried the Chocolate Biscuit Cake this morning, as my Twitter feed attests.  I sifted through many different recipes before I chose one I thought would be the most authentic.  I finally decided on the recipe from Eating Royally which was written by a former royal chef. That seemed to be the most legitimate, but unfortunately it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped.

Everything was on track until the recipe said to mix the butter and sugar until it turned to a lemon color.  As far as I can tell, when whipping butter and sugar consistency can change, but color is unlikely to.  Even so, after mixing it and adding it to the chocolate mixture it looked correctly runny, but when the biscuits were mixed in it seemed to go a little wrong. 

This video from NBC is closer to what actually came out.

I was hoping for something more like the  final consistency in the video from McVitie's.  They obviously don't show the whole process, but everything seemed on track until that last part when the consistency seems thick and fluffy.  Hooowww???

When my version was complete it seemed to just be chocolate covered cookie bits.  Maybe when it chills and I pour the 16oz of melted dark chocolate over it, suddenly it will be correct!  Even if it turns out like the Againn cake, I still want one that looks more along the lines of the McVitie video.

I will be looking into other recipes and this will be perfect by the 29th!  In the mean time I wonder how many trips I will be making to the specialty store for the biscuits!  Clearly I should stock up if there will be multiple test cakes.

This recipe from  the DC restaurant Againn was the final recipe I used and it turned out perfectly.
Chocolate Biscuit Cake:
7 oz. broken up rich tea biscuits
1 cup heavy cream
2 Tbsp. honey
2 oz. butter
16 oz. chocolate
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1. Heat up heavy cream, honey and butter in saucepan
2. Pour over chocolate and stir until smooth
3. Fold in broken up tea biscuits
4. Pour into greased and parchment paper lined cake pan (preferably a springform pan)
5. Allow to set in fridge for 3 hours

The lovely fruit cake that Fiona Cairns is creating will not be attempted in my kitchen any time in the near future. :-)

The other... Middleton Girl.

Friday, April 22, 2011

One week left to the wedding!  For all the nay-saying articles about people uninterested, the excitement is fever pitch.  This week saw the much reported shopping trip on King's Road and most of the stores reported what Kate purchased. It seems a dangerous choice to make for the stores.  If they report what she bought, their sales will no doubt sky-rocket on those items, but they risk Kate's displeasure and possibly the royal patronage discontinued.  Perhaps they feel safety in numbers, but whether they suffer repercussions or not, it seems very inappropriate.  Despite it all, I hope she stills shops at the High Street stores.  Part of the magic of Kate Middleton is her normalcy and the her fashion accessibility to the average woman. Of course, no one minds the occasional stunning designer item...
Pippa Middleton looking fabulous, as the guy on right seems to agree.  From Daily Mail (see article link below)

Clearly, we all are familiar with Pippa Middleton, but when the Mail reported her at Holly Branson's engagement party complete with stunning photos, I suddenly sat up and took notice.  The younger sister of Kate, she was born September 6, 1982.  She was educated at the same schools as her sister, but attended the University of Edinburgh, rather than St. Andrews.  It has been reported in the past that Pippa outshone Kate since she was the more glamorous sister.  Although, this may very well have been true amongst their friends and social group, obviously Kate is a force in her own right now and not just because of her royal connections. Nevertheless, the two have very, very similar style--all three Middleton women do, as a matter of fact.  Apparently, they are the same size and often swap clothes.  I do not think it is a disloyalty to look for fashion tips from Pippa as well. 

Frankly, over the past year or so, we have seen less and less of Kate; she has kept a fairly low profile and has spent much of her time in Anglesey.  Among the many obvious exciting outcomes of the engagement is that we now get official public engagements with Kate, and so can mark the days on our calander when she will hit our news feed in yet another stunning ensemble.  Nevertheless, I miss the more impromtu photos and clothes of the pre-engagement days, as wonderful as the more sophistuicated princess looks have been.

Pippa, though, is still our girl about town, and I turn to her with excitement to see what she will turn up in and where.  So, while we keep Kate Middleton as our favorite fashion guru, let's also keep an eye out for the stunning Pippa!

See the article on the Branson party at the Daily Mail, here.  I think that the bangs are an awesome look for her.  In the past she has primarily sported the same style as Kate, layered, but no bangs.  The swept to the side look is striking. 

Favorite news links from this week:
Kate's Parents Met the Queen
The Queen's Official Royal Consent
Kate On King's Road
Kate and William Visit Diana's Grave

Photos of Kate on High Street!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well, thankfully someone was on hand to capture great photos of Kate shopping yesterday.  Whatever else you may say about the Daily Mail, their photos are great, see the article here.
Kate Middleton days before her wedding. Photo from Daily Mail

She is looking thinner these days, but certainly not alarmingly so; most of all she looks radiantly happy!  I think I am more excited about these random sightings than I am of official public engagements.  The look is still Kate Middleton, Issa dresses and hair down, but also moving toward cleaned up princess without the boots.  All around, love, love, love!

Kate Middleton Today!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kate was reported on King's Road shopping today-- usual--but the unusual was that she was reported by the Twitter feed of Warehouse, the store she was shopping at!  They tweeted her purchase which you can view here as well, which strikes me as a crazy breech of privacy.  I wonder if they were looking for a flood of business.  Although I love Kate's style, the dress has a strange print which looks a little on the drab side for our Princess-in-waiting.

Also in the news is her newly released Coat of Arms.
Middleton Family Arms

The Daily Mail reported the three acorns represent Kate, Pippa, and James as well as strength.  Several weeks ago when details of the wedding cake were released it was also reported that Kate has asked Fiona Cairns, the baker, to put acorns among other symbols on her cake. 
Read the Mail's report here.

Book Review: The Making of a Royal Romance by Katie Nicholl

With ten days to the wedding it is high time we all got our royal wedding on!  Perfect to do that is Katie Nichol's Making of a Royal Romance. When Wills and Kate announced their engagement, Nicholl took her book William and Harry and added several chapters exclusively on Kate and updated the conclusion to include the impending wedding preparations.

For those who are new to the scene, it is a great overview of the couple's relationship, adding a few fanciful details, but not presuming to know things that obviously the public has no knowledge of.  For those of us who have been watching from day one, it is still a delightful overview of the almost decade long relationship and refreshes you on the many newspaper clippings we have been following over the years.

A good read overall.  I have followed Kate and the relationship since its start and enjoyed the book and reminiscing on the many newspaper and magazines I have purchased over the years!.  You will learn a few new things and enjoy getting prepped for the Big Day! 

I think it is humorous that the book that started all about the brothers ended a wedding book, and poor Harry bumped to third.

Barnes & Noble has the book at 10% off for members:  The Making of a Royal Romance: William, Kate, and Harry--a look behind the Palace Walls