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Friday, April 22, 2011

One week left to the wedding!  For all the nay-saying articles about people uninterested, the excitement is fever pitch.  This week saw the much reported shopping trip on King's Road and most of the stores reported what Kate purchased. It seems a dangerous choice to make for the stores.  If they report what she bought, their sales will no doubt sky-rocket on those items, but they risk Kate's displeasure and possibly the royal patronage discontinued.  Perhaps they feel safety in numbers, but whether they suffer repercussions or not, it seems very inappropriate.  Despite it all, I hope she stills shops at the High Street stores.  Part of the magic of Kate Middleton is her normalcy and the her fashion accessibility to the average woman. Of course, no one minds the occasional stunning designer item...
Pippa Middleton looking fabulous, as the guy on right seems to agree.  From Daily Mail (see article link below)

Clearly, we all are familiar with Pippa Middleton, but when the Mail reported her at Holly Branson's engagement party complete with stunning photos, I suddenly sat up and took notice.  The younger sister of Kate, she was born September 6, 1982.  She was educated at the same schools as her sister, but attended the University of Edinburgh, rather than St. Andrews.  It has been reported in the past that Pippa outshone Kate since she was the more glamorous sister.  Although, this may very well have been true amongst their friends and social group, obviously Kate is a force in her own right now and not just because of her royal connections. Nevertheless, the two have very, very similar style--all three Middleton women do, as a matter of fact.  Apparently, they are the same size and often swap clothes.  I do not think it is a disloyalty to look for fashion tips from Pippa as well. 

Frankly, over the past year or so, we have seen less and less of Kate; she has kept a fairly low profile and has spent much of her time in Anglesey.  Among the many obvious exciting outcomes of the engagement is that we now get official public engagements with Kate, and so can mark the days on our calander when she will hit our news feed in yet another stunning ensemble.  Nevertheless, I miss the more impromtu photos and clothes of the pre-engagement days, as wonderful as the more sophistuicated princess looks have been.

Pippa, though, is still our girl about town, and I turn to her with excitement to see what she will turn up in and where.  So, while we keep Kate Middleton as our favorite fashion guru, let's also keep an eye out for the stunning Pippa!

See the article on the Branson party at the Daily Mail, here.  I think that the bangs are an awesome look for her.  In the past she has primarily sported the same style as Kate, layered, but no bangs.  The swept to the side look is striking. 

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