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First pictures of Princess Kate in Anglesey after the Wedding

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge was snapped shopping at Waitrose in Anglesey.  Kate looked very comfortable and happy, and in one of the pictures published by the Daily Mail, both her feet are litterally off the ground as she pushes her shopping cart with a little smile on her face.

Princess Kate shops at Waitrose in Wales

The skinny jeans are a fairly new development for Kate.  In the past she has stuck primarily to boot cut silhouettes unless she is wearing boots.  I wonder if she has fazed the boots out all together and is just going with the skinny look. :-(  Hopefully, next fall we will see a resurgence of everyone's favorite Kate style staple.  All around this is a different look for The Princess. I guess her style has to change with her position.  This is a very similar look to the one the day before her wedding when she arrived in London in skinny jeans as well with a cowl neck long sweater.
Kate Middleton before her wedding. Photo from Daily Mail

I am not jumping on the bus that cries that Kate is too thin, but my gosh both these photos display how tiny she is.  In an earlier post there was speculation that Kate is a US size 6, but I am inclined to think she is in the US4/6 range.  The UK 8 comes out to around a US 4 or 6 sometimes, and Kate certainly looks small enough to be a US4 or 6.  Any rumors that she is smaller, however, would be ridiculous.  Kate is 5'9"-5'10" according to reports and any skinnier would leave her unhealthily thin, which I do not believe there is any evidence of.

Anyway, I love looking at that huge sapphire ring on her finger and seeing just barely the slimmer wedding band snuggled behind it.  Still majorly on the wedding high here!

See full Daily Mail report of Kate shopping here. 

The question of what Kate will be called in the media still lingers.  Many news outlets continue to refer to her as Kate Middleton, which although understandable, is a little odd.  Obviously, we are all used to calling her Kate Middleton, but it seems we should change to something along the lines of Princess Kate, Kate Cambridge, or Duchess Kate/Catherine.  She is FINALLY married, after all, and taking on the royal names is very exciting and meaningful.  

Also, a heads up that iTunes is now full of different video and audios related to the Royal Wedding for purchase, so if you too are in withdrawal, get over there and stock up!

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