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HRH The Duchess of Cambridge or Kate Cambridge!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kate Middleton is now HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.  I stayed up all night to watch the wedding here in the States and when Kate stepped out of the Goring Hotel and into the waiting car I gasped--along with a third of the world--as I got a glimpse of THE Dress.  From what we could see through the windows, the bodice looked like a twist off of Grace Kelly's iconic gown, but when she stepped out of the car at 11:00am London time we finally saw the whole dress in all its glory.  It was all Kate, traditional but sexy, stunning and regal, in short, absolutely perfect.
Still Kate Middleton for a little while longer...

Clarence House released details of the dress.  The fabric of the dress itself was of ivory and white satin gazar, which is a silk organza--light but durable and an ivory satin bodice with French Chantilly and English Cluny lace.  Clarence House stated that the skirt was made to "echo an opening flower."  Whatever the intent may have been, I thought it was very reminiscent of the look of a medieval era skirt, and as a British history enthusiast I was very struck by its beauty.   Read Clarence House's full statement on the dress design and fabrics here.

She wore a lovely tiara and the light and airy veil, delicately embroidered along the edges, gave just the needed finishing touch to the wedding dress that is suddenly the most sought after design in the world.  Most of all, the glowing bride who wore the dress set the ensemble off to the best advantage.  The new Duchess of Cambridge can really only be described as luminously beautiful on her wedding day. 

Pippa also made a splash in a dress that just barely walked the line between provocatively seductive and royal wedding appropriate, which is seems to be just her personality- and why we LOVE her. Again, the dress was striking, particularly the draped cowl neck, and the fit of the dress when in motion blew men around the world away.  The Middleton sisters were both in top togetherness form.  Pippa in no way outshown Kate, but she wasn't overshadowed either.  They both sparkled in their chosen attire and roles.

Pippa Middleton

Both Kate and Pippa changed into different dresses for the evening reception hosted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.  Kate stayed with Sarah Burton wearing an appropriately bridal floor length gown with a stunningly small waist and a bolero style jacket.  The Daily Mail had a story that Daniella Issa felt snubbed that Kate didn't wear a creation of hers for either the morning or evening, but I think that sounds a little unlikely.  It is was not surprising that Kate chose Alexander McQueen rather than Issa to make her dress, however much I would have been thrilled to see an Issa dress, and that she would stay with McQueen for the evening is not that shocking. 

When Clarence House announced the titles for Kate and William at 8am on the 29th some may have been disappointed that Kate is now a Duchess and not a Princess, but do not despair!  Just like Camilla is indeed the Princess of Wales, but goes by Duchess of Cornwall because of the close affinity the former name has to the late Princess of Wales, so Kate is in fact Princess William of Wales even though she will be styled Duchess of Cambridge.  Kate, as William's spouse may use the female version of all his titles.  I am interested to see what name settles with the press and people.  Princess Catherine? Princess Kate?  Duchess Kate? I love to think of her as a Princess and am excited to call her so, but I have to say that Duchess of Cambridge really hit it off with me and I am already very fond of it.  I guess we'll wait and see what ultimately wins the title war. 

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