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The Increasing Issue of Kate's Decreasing Weight

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kate in Reiss meeting Michelle Obama. Daily Mail Photo

Freshly back from their honeymoon in the Seychelles', The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge granted President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, a brief meeting at Buckingham Palace.  As usual, Kate was stunning in a tan/nude colored dress from Reiss.  The dress sold out immediately and crashed the company's site as Kate fashion enthusiasts rushed to snatch the dress up. (I was not among the eager buyers, but I wish I had been!)  Although Kate's lovely and simple ensemble was hailed far and wide, the perpetual complaint was raised yet again.  The media immediately took up the question of her weight...

Kate is undoubtedly thin, but the pictures that people often refer to when arguing this striking transformation, are sometimes almost ten years old!  In the early college photos of Kate she hadn't fully lost her "baby weight" it seemed.  College is not always the best environment to stay slim and slender, even for the best of us, and it is so common for women to drop weight once they leave college and hit the working environment.  If Kate is eating healthy foods, and indulging her passion for staying active, this is a perfectly fine weight, AND one she has maintained for years in the public spotlight.  Kate dropped weight over her St. Andrew's years and again in the early post grad days, but most of all she dropped and hit her present physique back in 2007 when she joined the crew team that was training to cross the channel. This was a healthy body change!  It came about from good physical activity and it was reported at the time that Kate felt healthier and better after the many training sessions.  As a runner myself, I know how much healthier and better you feel when you are physically fit.

Meanwhile, Pippa has been out and about in London two days in a row.  Both yesterday and the day before she was spotted strolling the streets of the capital and both outfits were great spring inspirations. (see all photos at
On May 25th Pippa was wearing a multi-tiered/colored dress with a light sweater, white peep toed wedges, and finished off with what appears to be a slightly off-white handbag.
Pippa in London on May 25th. Photo from Celebuzz

The next day, on the 26th, she was again out shopping, but this time in skinny jeans, a fuchsia colored pink top and black blazer, and boot like shoes.
Pippa on May 26th. Photo from Celebuzz


  1. While I agree that Catherine is athletic and keeps herself healthy, I just feel her arms look like toothpicks! I really hope she'll put on a pound or two now since she doesn't have to worry about fitting into a wedding dress.

  2. I just noticed it now, Catherine's arms DO look like toothpicks!

    I think she is in a tremendously unenviable position. People will scrutinize every aspect of her body, so although she looks thin, if she gains any weight people will comment on that too. The only time people will probably leave her weight alone will be when she's pregnant. And even then she may not get a break.

  3. She is right on the edge. I think she is healthy, although it wouldn't be bad for her to gain a pound or two, certainly can't lose anymore. But I agree--she can't win.

  4. Marilyn ALWAYS says EXACTLY what I want to say! I really detest the media's (and the public's) overweening concern about any celebrity's weight. Whatever issue a person might have is certainly intensified by the undue interest. And if the person doesn't have a problem, she could easily develop one!

  5. Really good points by all of you ... Kate's going to be pressured by the media no matter what, for gaining a pound (she's letting herself go, she's got a baby bump, she's miserable in her marriage, etc.) or losing one (she's anorexic, she's having morning sickness, she's miserable in her marriage, etc.). Add to that the pressure of being a fashion icon -- she's already helping some British brands move tons of merchandise -- and needing to fit that mold.

    Whew. Makes me glad no one's taking pictures of me every day!


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