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Kate is Still a DIY Girl and Pippa Loves Pilates.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kate will be heading to Canada next month sans Pippa as a Lady-in-Waiting.  It was widely speculated before the wedding that not long after acting as Maid of Honor to her sister, Pippa would take up the role of Lady-in-Waiting to the new Princess.  The generic role of lady in waiting dates back many centuries throughout the great courts of Europe- generic because different styles accompany different levels of seniority within the lady-in-waiting "genus".  They were appointed help to the queen, but certainly not servants.  They performed many tasks and served as companions and confidantes.  The position was fairly sought after and like anything else in a court held specific hierarchy.

Today in the UK a lady-in-waiting helps senior female members of the royal family, those helping the Queen hold different titles.  Diana, when she became The Princess of Wales, asked her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, to fill the role initially.  Because the Middletons are such a tight knit family, it was thought that Pippa would take this intimate role, but this is not to be the case. Not only will Pippa not be taking the role up, it is reported that no one will be assigned to the post for the time being.  Kate wants to keep her life as low key as possible right now.  I can fully see how Pippa wouldn't want to take the position. She needs to have a life of her own, even if you couldn't exactly say she is living in Kate's shadow these days!

Apparently, Pippa is a pilates fan. She posted a testimonial on the website of the studio she attends.  As a pilates fan myself this is just further proof to me that it is the finest form of exercise! Read the whole article and Pippa's comments here.

Getting very excited for Will and Kate's tour of Canada next month!

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