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New Pictures of Bikini Clad Princess Kate and Pippa Middleton.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Loyal Kate watchers will recognize this as the vacation from from several years ago when a few surfaced from her holiday with Wills on the Tapeka Point yacht.  Now, due I imagine to Pippa's rising popularity, more photos have been found featuring the younger sister.  The difference in the bikini choices alone is very telling of their personalities.  I love how the two are so alike, while still manifesting their subtle differences. Both are wearing white, but Pippa chose a flirty string style with a bow like tie on the top and a bottom with ties as well, while Kate opts for the more sporty and streamlined look with no frills. I love this sister duo more and more!

Pippa and Kate Vacation with Family and William.  Daily Mail Photo.

In the other pictures posted on the Mail's website, I do not get the impression that Kate is paying the slightest attention to William's belly flop since she is still staring intently into the distance as the bubbles rise from the sinking prince.  Haha, ah well William, just as well she was intent elsewhere given the seeming failure of the jump!  See the article and pictures at the Daily Mail here.

The candid picture of William with his arms around Kate is unusual, since the couple rarely embraced when cameras could be lurking.  Obviously, these are photos from a long lens and are an intimate look into the couples holiday.

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