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Pippa Middleton: Party Princess or Problem Child? Topless Pippa Photos Take the Web by Storm.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well the media storm last week for Pippa was the release of further compromising photos, but instead of purple bra, she wasn't wearing a top at all!  The photos, taken on a slight angle from behind, certainly showed enough to warrant censoring in most papers, and the proximity of then Prince William, made the shots even more titillating.  There really isn't any excuse for Pippa this time.  Taking your bikini top off in the middle of the ocean is risky and to do so with the surrounding company is just tacky.  Reportedly, the photos were taken by a friend and presumably sold for a significant sum.  Although the Middletons are justifiably angered at the betrayal, the best form of protection is to never put yourself in such an incredibly compromising situation! You can judge for yourself looking here, but I think this can't really be defended.

Pippa and friends in Madrid.  Photo from Daily Mail.

Meanwhile Pippa headed to Madrid, Spain for a holiday with a few girlfriends and George Percy. There seems to be a fair amount of dispute over whether or not he is her ex or just a good friend.  I was under the distinct impression they had been in a relationship, but ultimately it isn't that important. She looks happy, relaxed, and fabulous enjoying some post wedding fun in a sunny location.  Good to see Kate isn't having all the tan time!

I love Pippa, if nothing else because she is Kate's sister, but she looks fun and has the spicy version of Kate's style.  Her sister's rise to fame and fortune has effected the entire family and there are plenty of people who can point out to you the many benefits, but the drawback is the constant scrutiny Pippa now faces, even though Kate was the one who married the royal.  Pippa has always been in and out of the press, but she took the world by storm on April 29th and she will feature in a whole new way. As popular as Kate is and always will be, her lifestyle will be less tabloid type and more photo-call and official press release genre.  Pippa, the wild single girl, is prime fodder for us to see her partying, holidaying, and the endless speculation on her relationship status!  Hopefully she will continue to be the party princess, but not cross that line to problem child anymore.

Daily Mail Article on Pippa's Spain Trip


  1. Topless women are common in European beaches, no matter the age or shape, so, from where I stand, she did nothing wrong.

  2. No matter where you stand on the issue personally, there are plenty of things that are done that royals would rather not be photographed or reported doing. This picture was not good PR and the Middletons were not pleased. My point is, don't do it and you won't have to deal with it in the papers.

  3. (When I meant "from where I stand" wasn't my point of you. I'd never go topless anywhere. It just meant "here in Europe".)

  4. Oh fair enough! Absolutely, I agree I wouldn't go topless either.


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