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Pippa Middleton's Unfortunate Photo

Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, Pippa craze is in full swing, but this time instead of excitement over what she is wearing it is all about what she is NOT wearing.  Photographs have surfaced of her looking a little worse for wear with an unnamed man in only a skirt and purple bra.  It is clear that there was plenty of alcohol involved-- if you can't tell from the two in the photo, then look to the glasses in the background.  Pippa has been described as the more vivacious Middleton sister and she is certainly more of the party princess than Kate.   I am not going to post the photo, since here we are all about what you are wearing, but let us just say if you want to find it, Google is a click away.  Everyone makes judgment errors, I guess Pippa is finding that now she is the hottest singleton on earth, errors in judgment will be made public. 

Daily Mail Reports on Pippa.  The British press is refraining from printing the photos of Pippa, which I think is thoughtful so close after the wedding. The article does include other photos from Pippa's partying university days.

Instead, let's have a flashback to a classier moment for Pippa leaving The Goring Hotel after the wedding.  She was wearing a smart Zara blazer, white skinny jeans, and flats.  I like the whole look, especially the blue against the white skinny jeans. Most of all, love the happy smile!  I hope some of this wedding high is carrying through on the picture embarrassment.  See the report from the Daily Mail here with this photo and more from last week.

Pippa Middleton leave The Goring from Daily Mail

Quick note on the many links to the Daily Mail.  The DM has a huge photo budget, so they are by far the best newspaper to see good snaps of our favorite royals.

Kate Update: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting California in July right after their tour of Canada!

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