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ARK Dress Shimmers but Kate Shines.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Duchess Arrives. Photo from Zimbio.

Kate proved she still has plenty of style surprises up her sleeve when she arrived at the ARK party Thursday night in a sparkly and feminine floor length gown from Jenny Packham.  It was encrusted with Swarovski crystals and was, as far as I can remember, the glitziest dress we have ever seen Kate wear. I had mixed feelings about this one and I wasn't sure why.  It was a little out of the ordinary and certainly different from the evening gowns she has worn in the past. I loved the Issa choice she wore for the Starlight evening (see picture below) and the pink dress from the Boodles Boxing Ball in 2008.

Kate at Starlight Charity Dinner in 2009.  Picture Daily Mail

The party had a very Hollywood feeling, which although not bad is a far cry from the usual classic British that I love in Kate.  Kate and William transcend the popular stars of today, they are not just glamorous or wealthy, they are royalty.  The difference was highlighted at the wedding in April where the ceremony was not just lavish but steeped in history and the tradition of the Monarchy that stretches back several thousand years.  Their star status is a duty and a responsibility, not simply a job that is high profile and pays well.

Kate effortlessly blends royalty and Hollywood. Photo from Daily Mail.

I am happier to see Kate wearing her usual £200 frocks and the less ostentatious and more subdued but classy brands of her particularly aristocratic set than I would be to see her switch to prêt-à-porter of the haute couture.  It is not that I don't love the many fabulous fashions of the highest price clothing, but when Kate wears High Street and keeps to her style she shows that she herself generates the star power and needs no help from a label.

Perhaps in truest Kate fashion, she chose the dress that was appropriate for the occasion, which is one of her significant strong suits.  It was the Hollywood flavor of the night that gave me unease, but in the above photo Kate took the entire situation well into hand.  The minute the Mail printed this picture I was struck by Kate's posture.  The stance is red carpet Hollywood, but Kate softens it just enough to take all the advantages to be had from the pose and none of the kitsch. The diva look is softened to highlight only her loveliness. Her shoulders are squared but not overpoweringly so, she is almost imperceptibly angled toward the camera, and her smile is radiating warmth and genuine happiness. She stunned in a dress that was glitzy, glamorous, and attention grabbing, while still incorporating the floaty sleeves, simple shape, and subdued color palette which are often hallmarks of her style, and with her poise and and discretion carried off the entire evening royally.  I am sure Her Majesty was proud.

Couple in Love.

Kate Shops earlier in the day in London.
Just a quick note to say how much I love the color combo here.  Fuchsia pink and black is a guilty pleasure of my wardrobe and I was thrilled to see the Duchess of Cambridge also succumbs to the wild side now and again. :-)

Kate Shops in London June 9, 2011. Photo Pop Sugar

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