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Could the Cambridges Get to be TOO Common?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II.

Several news outlets are reporting another instance of the relaxed style of the young royals.  Will and Kate are telling people that titles are not essential in their up-coming tour.  I haven't seen any official statement and perhaps it was a more unofficial discussion of their interaction with crowd--which frankly can't be that regulated anyway, so the relevancy is debatable, but brings up an interesting discussion.  Obviously, this rather avant-garde attitude has both proponents and dissenters.  There are clearly advantages to be gained from the down to earth attitude that the new Duke and Duchess are displaying, people see them as more approachable, and more normal.  Although a genuine expression of their obvious kindness, and goodwill, being seen as more "regular" royals may improve their stock amongst us "plebeians" but I think there can be a negative backfire. 

Prince Charles

As mentioned before in this blog, the royal stamp sets William, Catherine, and the entire family apart from other celebrities.  In the Middle Ages many things contributed to the royals' strength and stability.  Among other things, a king ruled by divine right, personal strength, and the strength of the army in war.  Today one of the key factors of the monarch's strength is carrying on the age old traditions that remind us all of the history that sets them apart.  The fact that William is the grandson x 27 of William the Conqueror is a big deal.  That his ancestors for a thousand years have been hailed as sovereigns and kings, princes and princesses whose family tree has spread throughout almost every royal household in Europe is a big deal.  This establishment is built on many things, but a major aspect is the tradition of respect. William isn't like you or me, he was born a prince, and although we understand this concept less and less in our modern and democratic world, for the monarchy to survive this idea must be preserved. 

William in robes for the Garter Ceremony, an Order originating in 1348.

Don't get me wrong, looking toward the future, Will and Kate are the best asset the British monarchy has, but I just don't want to see them overdo the common man thing.  They aren't common, that is the whole point.  And frankly, as the new Duke and Duchess are still a whiles away from the throne a little relaxation is healthy for their image and the occasion.  Kate's High Street choices, the cozy farm house in Anglesey, we love it all.  As long as they hold up the pomp and ceremony, the tradition and history, when they should it all could be the perfect balance. 

More proximately relating to the coming trip, as an awesome companion for the tour is Canada's official app for your smart-phone from iTunes. It has a useful itinerary option that will keep you up to date on the couples different events (i.e. photo ops!) or if nothing else a great Kate and William icon on your phone homepage, I guess.  I downloaded it to my iPhone and I am excited to have a handy reference.  Supposedly other fun features will be added including photos and videos, so we will see once all the action is underway.


  1. Wow, really great insight, Jane. Incredibly well-written! You put my thoughts on paper for me :)

  2. Thanks, Nora! So happy you agree and for saying so!

  3. @JanetNorcal on twitter -- Insightful! I think they're keeping a good balance: most importantly, they seem very grounded. It will be interesting to see how the Canadian tour progresses.


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