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Even Kate Isn't Perfect.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kate at Order of the Garter 2011.  Photo from Zimbio

Start with the good news, shall we?  Lovely, lovely choices all around from Kate at the Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle.  I am crazy about all the neutral colors she has been wearing and this soft grey was stunning on her.  The hat was structurally perfect and right in keeping with many of her early successes.  It has everything yesterday's limper cousin lacked.  I have to say, the suede shoes gave it a lightly wintry look, but the Katherine Walker jacket was from the summer collection and all together she looked the perfect princess.
Kate at the private birthday dinner.  Disaster.

Well, both as Kate Middleton and now HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, she has made few fashion choices at which I pursed my lips.  But last night she emerged from a private dinner to celebrate Prince Philip's 90th birthday in a dress that made my jaw drop--not in a good way.  I thought it was ghastly. At first it struck me as a cheap nightgown, and then I realized it was a dress.  I love Kate, I love her clothes, I tried every possible way to soften this, to make the bad go away.  I can't, this dress just does not make the cut.  Perhaps I have been swept up in the bliss of the engagement period and these past weeks of her married fashion glamour, because my initial reaction was that this dress was the first outfit I had disliked on Kate.  After some thought, though, I realized this is far from the case.  After watching Kate closely since she first emerged as William's college interest at St. Andrews she has rarely set a foot fully wrong.  Kate has certainly worn some things I cringed at, though.  My top three Kate dislikes are:

In 2007, during her split from William, I believe, Kate went clubbing in tight white jeans, her signature boots, a red top that grazed her midrift, and a black blazer.  Something just didn't come together for me and I wasn't a fan. 
Kate in 2007.  Photo JustJared

This black and white striped dress didn't do anything for her, either.  I don't know if it was just the dress or the flats with the dress, I didn't find it terribly flattering. 

Kate Middleton

And lastly during her working days, this turtle neck, long skirt, boot combo was much too frumpy for my tastes, or Kate's either I would imagine.
Not my favorite look all around.

These are the only full outfits she has worn that I thought were not ideal and frankly, they are debatable at that!  All of these are sightings of Kate in private and plenty of us put things together and realize when it is all over that that combo can never see the light of day again. I don't like everything Kate wears, but I can always find my way to seeing why or in what way it can be lovely or flattering.  Not the case with this birthday dinner dress.  It just is bad all around.

It is a mix on the public engagement/private life scale. Although a private dinner you assume she put her mind to looking nice since it was to celebrate the Duke's 90th with her new family, but it was a distinct miss. To start with, it looks cheap at the bottom, and then simply stylistically I don't like it.  The color is in the category of Pippa's pea green on Sunday, too--wear with caution.

Thankfully, we can easily sweep this under the rug since it is surrounded by such a fantastically successful weekend.  And today kicks off Royal Ascot, so fingers are crossed for an appearance from HRH Kate at some point during the week and I have every faith she will be back in top form! 

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