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Is The Grass Always Greener?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Anyone who watched the ups and downs of Kate and William's relationship for as long as I did will understand the feeling I had when I switched open my news last November 16 to find that the pair had finally announced their engagement.  One of the thoughts that crossed my mind later that day was that we would be seeing more and more of Kate now, more dresses, hats, heels, everything.  It was a very exciting thought, AND I continued to myself she would have all her engagements announced before hand so we would know when she was due to hit the papers.  Finally, advanced warning, the build-up and excitement, and of course a significantly greater number of appearances and better pictures.  My mind was literally reeling with the fashion that was soon to be lavished on us all.
Kate smiles directly into the camera on June 4th. Picture Daily Mail.

In the run up to the wedding, as they toured the United Kingdom, I loved every minute of every engagement, however, I realized that a little bit of me missed the un-engaged Kate.  The candid shots in the street, never knowing if one morning I would wake up to a surprise sighting and outfit. Because of this, I think that Saturday's appearance at the Epsom Derby was so much fun!  The news on twitter began to suggest that Kate and William might indeed attend, and then there she was radiant in her light and floaty ensemble!  Such a fun surprise on a beautiful June day!  I was in New York City for a wedding and it certainly set the festive tone for me!

I still love the fact that Kate is at last the Duchess of Cambridge, that her striking sapphire ring is constantly proclaiming to the world that she is-- at last-- an solid member of the royal family, and I love that I can get excited by the events she will attend marked on the royal calendar.  Nevertheless, the unforeseen showing here or there reminds me of the excitement and drama of past days.  I wouldn't trade any of today's current situation for anything, but I like now and again to be unexpectedly wowed by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge.

So here is our lovely Duchess at the races on Saturday.
Kate at Epsom Derby.  Picture Daily Mail.
Kate is the Queen of pairing these floaty skirts with a structured top.  Think back to several weddings she attended over the years she and William dated, and many of her more casual work pieces highlight this look as well.  In the photo below is a prime example of the floaty/structered classic Kate from several years ago.  Although, this is a great examle there are many others.  Kate really graviates toward this look.
Kate's style staple look from a wedding several years ago.

At the Derby, I think Kate scored across the board.  Nude shoes are still trending this year for summer's best shade, and neutral hat and shoes with the white made her tanned skin and sparkling white smile absolutely pop. Her hair was up, and she was wearing a stunning fascinator.  I love her hair up here, it lends the perfect sophistication for a day mingling with her new family and yet a further twist since she so rarely wears her hair up.
Picture Daily Mail

Her mother Carole was also at the Derby, although in the stands, and she was also wearing muted tones with just a hint of brownish pink.  As usual mother and daughter looked fabulous.  Pippa spent the day at a race as well, but she was the one running!
Carole Middleton on June 4, 2011.  Picture Daily Mail.

Again, the Daily Mail outdid itself in the picture department.  I just chose my favorite few photos for this post, but the rest are not to be missed, so definitely follow the link to this article on the Derby to see more great photos of Kate and the royal family.  For more pictures click here.


  1. I agree, I think she looked wonderful, whatever Liz Jones says. She has her style, she knows what suits her, and she's quite happy with that. Good for her! I also loved seeing her hair up, since we rarely do. If I had thick hair like that I can only imagine the beautiful updos I would try. That said, her hair is gorgeous down or up.

  2. Liz Jones! My gosh, isn't that woman wild sometimes?! I constantly wonder why the DM keeps her on staff. I am a hair disaster myself, so her up do wowed me.


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