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Kate's Dress Recreated by David's Bridal.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before the Royal Wedding, many of my less royal-enthused friends asked why I was so excited about the upcoming wedding.  Sometimes you just can't explain it to the uninitiated, so I took a different and very logical tact, particularly with my single girlfriends.  I pointed out that when Princess Diana stepped out of the carriage in her puffy 80's concoction she sparked a wedding dress frenzy that didn't fizzle out until almost the 90's!  That is crazy!  The style was so prevalent, many women wore the dress without even knowing they were following Diana's lead! Kate's dress should correspondingly show up in bridal boutiques across the globe for some time in proportion to the magnitude of her wedding.

                                              Royal Wedding Gown at David's Bridal

The Real Deal.

Kate and William's wedding was not on the scale of Charles and Diana's, so it seems that her dress will not be as global for as long, but thankfully we have seen plenty of reproductions already.  I was pleased to point out that whether you are a royal lover or not, the likelihood of the royal wedding impacting weddings for the next few years is significant.  Can't scoff at that, and they didn't.  I comforted the worried looks by pointing out that Kate's style is impeccable!

The moment she stepped out of that car I knew that every proximate bride-to-be was a lucky girl.  When I imagined the dream dress in the weeks before the wedding, that was the dress I imagined, only way better.  So, here David's Bridal has issued their recreation of The Dress, and I have to say, it looks pretty realistic, even if it is from David's. They have even made Pippa's dress, but I will be frank, I appreciate that Kate let her sister wear such a stunning dress, and Pippa didn't steal the show in my opinion, but I would not be so generous. So no one the maid-of-honor dress.

David's Bridal is reporting more lace in gowns, surprise, and I see more lacy royal wedding inspired sleeves on the different dresses.  It actually looks like a decent recreation. A shorter train, obviously, and it has a little more sheen than I like and the bustle doesn't seem to come off quite as well as Kate's did, who knows how the actual material feels.  Perhaps a field-trip is in order. I should probably get on the stick and find someone to commit to before this wedding fashion fades...

Many thanks to @WhatKateWore for bringing the David's Bridal recreation to attention on Twitter!

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