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Kate's Military Style at the Irish Guards.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Irish Guards. Photo Zimbio

Well, we have seen the glitz and glam, (although I am still waiting for a State occasion when she will wear another tiara) but William and Kate undertook a much more solemn duty this morning when they met the families of three fallen members of the Irish Guards, a regiment recently returned from Helmand Province in Afghanistan, and then presented medals to men on the parade ground.

Photo Zimbio.

Thankfully, Kate did not recycle an outfit for this important occasion, but wore a well tailored blue military style coat with a blue underskirt or dress.  The coat's double-breasted front was reminiscent of her Trooping coat from McQueen, but the gold buttons against the blue made the military vibe even more prominent.  I love the raised collar and three quarter length sleeves as well.  Actually, with the deep blue that almost looks black, the raised collar, the gold buttons, and the shoulder epaulette, Kate's whole outfit strongly echoes William's, don't you think? (see below)

Drawing Inspiration from One-Another?  Photo from Daily Mail.

I love all the accessories, and especially the hat.  Kate rarely misses on her hats.  I will tell you one thing, after looking through some of the pictures, the wisdom of a this heavier weight material was apparent.  Kate didn't have to worry about anything flying away from where it was supposed to be in the blustery morning weather.

I am ecstatic about this whole outfit.  I think it might be my most recent favorite.  It ticks all my personal boxes: navy blue, flexible material, well tailored, and all those awesome military details, and I love the skirt beneath peaking out now and again.  Well done, Kate!

Kate's Charming Jewelry

The most intriguing part of this morning was the bracelet Kate was wearing.  I would love to know the story! A one-charm charm bracelet, the C for Catherine is her royal monogram.  I wonder if William gave it to her as a wedding gift? 

I had hoped to see Kate at Wimbledon, but that is seeming less and less likely, we'll see.  This morning was Kate at her finest yet again, though, and makes me all the more excited for the upcoming tour.  From the itinerary it seems we will be seeing the full spectrum of fashion from Kate as she navigates the varied events planned. 


  1. Love this look!!! Navy is a fabulous color on her.

  2. love her coat! and so perfectly fitted to her body! really like her hat - small and neat in keeping with the rest of her outfit's style, but with enough detailing to keep it interesting.

    charm bracelet: i remember diana had a charm bracelet, which charles filled with charms of significant moments of her life. it looks like wills is continuing the tradition, with the first charm her royal logo to signify the start of her royal life. i find this so sweet; and can't wait to see what future charms are added.

    on a side note: i think she's gained back a little of her weight. she seems to have gotten back some of the apple in her cheeks and her legs look slightly curvier, that she had lost with her pre-wedding weight loss. i thought she had gotten a little gaunt, and she looks much better now! (unless i'm imagining it, or have just gotten used to her skinnier look)

  3. @Melissa. Me too! I can't get over it. When the NA tour starts we'll have afresh deluge and I will calm down. :-)
    @alpha. If that is the case with the charm bracelet it would be so fun. Although there is something about the simplicity of the one medallion that I like, too. Kind of Kate's take on the trademark Tiffany's bracelet.
    I was interested to read your comments about her weight, because this is the first time I actually looked at her and thought, wow she is way thing. Still, I am not worried about her. She is so clearly happy, she is just probably working out a lot and busy. I definitely agree with you, she has a healthy flush in her cheeks.


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