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Less than 10 Days to TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's North American Tour!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The only Kate news recently is that along with the official itinerary for the North American tour a new picture of William and Kate was also released.  Kate is wearing the lovely blue suit from the Darwen Academy visit before her wedding although the differences between this look and the way she was styled at Darwen are readily apparent, different hairstyle, earrings, and shirt.

TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

This is too funny not to share with all my readers and fashion lovers.  I noticed on my stats that an odd demographic had been coming to the blog in strangely high numbers.  My blog had been posted on a Greek website for bicyclists.  My Greek is rusty, haha, but I was dying to know if they were positive or negative comments.  Google Translator, however, let me down.  Although they were commenting on Pippa, the blog, and fashion--with an exclamation mark--I couldn't make out if they were positive or negative remarks.  Ah well, it could have been either, I suppose.  I kind of imagine them all offended by the fashion blogs commenting only on how attractive Pippa is, but I duly noted how impressive the trek was!  I'm a runner, I got it!

Back to Kate, it is being reported that she is pretty busy these days studying up on all the local areas she will be visiting as well as brushing up on her French!  Hopefully, it will go over as well as her Welsh did on her engagement in Anglesey. Considering the shopping and studying she has to get done, she must be swamped.  Hopefully she will slip in a relaxing visit to Wimbledon.

Anyway, it is the countdown, ladies (and gentlemen?) to Kate's North American appearance. Less than 10 days.  It will be quite the busy blogging time, but super fun!  Let us all keep up... ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is very enjoyable to read.
    Kate looks beautiful in this photo, I love her she recycles outfits. Looking forward to seeing her style on the tour!


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