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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some of you may have noticed that the blog layout and content keeps changing around. I like things simple and uncluttered so I am trying to find a way to neatly fit everything onto the blog.  So far it hasn't been entirely successful, but I guess a blog is always a work in progress.  Thank you for your patience!


  1. Hi, I only started my blog a couple of months ago and had some issues with the photos fitting neatly. If it's of any use to you adjusting the widths in 'layout' was extremely beneficial in terms of fitting photos.

  2. It is true the photos stick out, but I like the bigger side, even if there is overlap. I was thinking more about fitting all the links, the Twitter feed, tops posts, etc in without have two columns or a list that never ends down the side! Anyway, I saw your blog and loved it. Is the widget at the bottom working out for you? I just started using it--I think I like it. :-)

  3. Thank you, Yours is really interesting. I really enjoy it. I find the Wibya widget is good, especially for people who want to use it for translation. Also you can track how many people are online and from what countries. :)

    You could reduce the font size on the sidebar then reduce the width of the sidebar and it would allow more room for the photos. I used to use relatively small photos and it doesn't look nearly as nice!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! We will be busy with our blogs with the Canadian tour starting tomorrow! :)


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