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Pippa Tackles the Highlands of Scotland

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pippa arrives in at the Highland Cross via Helicopter.  Photo Zimbio

Well, while we have been eating up Kate's fabulous foray into post wedding royal engagements, where has the charming Pippa been?  Some weeks ago I commented that something was far wrong in her relationship with Alex Loudon.  A girl might hang out with guy pals now and again, but when even after you return from your sun-drenched holiday you are still spotted out and about with the guy friend and no boyfriend, it gets suspicious.  When Pippa and George turned up at the French Open toute ensemble, the game was up and it wasn't long before several sources confirmed the split.  As is typical with the Middleton girls after a break-up you would never know it from looking at them.  Pippa has been spotted all over looking happy and fabulous.
Pippa Running Smiles Straight at Camera. Photo Zimbio

Most impressively Pippa took part in the Highland Cross, a coast to coast duathlon consisting of 20 miles by foot and 30 miles by bike.  She looked great, and is an inspiration to all of us who are guiltily skipping the gym these days. 

Pippa by Bike.  Photo Zimbio

Everyone has already seen these photos of Pippa in Chelsea on June 9th.  I will probably alienate a lot of readers by saying I am not a jean jacket fan, but this dress is so cute!  I absolutely love it, even the jean jacket seems to come off very well.  I am a fan all around.

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