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The Queen's Official Birthday Day. Fashion hits and misses...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Setting: Buckingham Palace balcony, William in his red uniform, Kate wearing white Alexander McQueen--sounds like April 29th, but it was Trooping of the Colour 2011!  You have to wonder if Kate was giving a teasing nod to her nuptial day, since the McQueen coat was fitted and had flare at the waist just as the wedding dress had, and particularly from the back was very reminiscent of the bridal gown. I have to say, the coat wasn't a big hit with me.  It isn't that she didn't pull it off, or didn't look fantastic, if anything it highlighted how slim she is, after all, how many woman can wear all that extra flounce right around the hips and still come off looking trim.  The hat was fun, the white and black very Kate, I just didn't like the coat. I am certainly not one to compare Kate to Diana, but this outfit reminded just a little of the coat Diana wore once.  That coat was quite fashion forward, but ultimately was judged as a bit much.  Kate didn't stray anywhere near that line, but there is a hint of resemblance to me.  Let us just say this is not in my top ten favorites..although it grows on me.  Everything Kate wears is a smash hit or grows on me!

Quite a coat.  Franky it grows on you. Photo from Zimbio.

Later in the day we got another surprise showing from the Duchess when she attended a wedding with her sister Pippa. Although the repeat outfits don't set off the flurry of excitement that the new pieces do, I still love seeing "old friends" on Kate, and this was a lovely dress from earlier days and suits her well.  Having the Duchess of Cambridge come to your wedding, a woman who presently can move clothes off the rack faster than any other woman in the world, must be a little daunting if you expect to keep the spotlight on your big day.  Kate showed great thoughtfulness in wearing a simple ensemble that was entirely composed of recycled wear. Some may remember the red jersey dress and hat she wore to a wedding several years ago.  The dress was one of my personal favorites, but perhaps a little too exciting to be fair to the bride. Now as an official royal with an even higher profile, I doubt Kate will make that misstep again. Turning to Pippa...Good lord.

Pippa and Kate on June 11, 2011  Photo Daily Mail.
Kate in the same dress 2007.

Pippa, what happened?!  This is a disaster.  The pea green is wholly unappealing in the situation whether it is universally so, or simply by comparison to the paired down Duchess, I am not sure, but it certainly ought to be worn wisely.  Pippa is swimming in the coat, and the hat was a limp disappointment next to Kate's perky head piece. It was a very unusual fashion disaster, but disaster it certainly was. 
Carole Middleton at the Trooping of the Colour.

Also of interest, Michael and Carole Middleton attended the Trooping of the Colour-- many thanks to @nina_lux for sending me these photos!  I love that Kate's parents are getting out there and enjoying these different events, but I look forward to hearing that Kate and William are spending family time with the Middetons as well. It is early yet, though.  All around a lovely and fun day!

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  1. she looks drunken on photo with pippa on original entrance of this dress


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