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Kate's Repeats!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I saw the Daily Mail article and thought, "Who Wore it Best" so let's do a quick "Which Event did Kate Wear it Best" poll! I love how some of these pictures highlight how long the Kate has been on the royal circuit.  Vote your favorite at the polls on the side bar!

#1: The Reiss Engagement Dress:  Do you like the debut look or the repeat?



The Periwinkle Blue: Do you like the debut or the repeat?

The Black and White Zara (CLUBBING) Dress: Debut or Repeat?


The "Wedding Coat": Do you like the debut, middle or repeat?  (I had completely forgotten about 2010! Thank you to at What Kate Wore for reminding.)

Parker Bowles


Zara's Wedding

New Hat for Kate!

Kate, in Scotland the Countess of Strathearn

Kate wore the same coat to today's wedding that she wore in 2006 to the Parker-Bowles wedding, but she teamed it with a brand new hat!  Excellent compromise; she didn't upstage the bride, but she also wore something new and special to an event that merited special attention.  The dress that Kate wore under this coat in 2006 and then without the coat in 2007 is one of my all time favorites from her dating days.  I think she may be wearing it again today.

Kate Middleton in the same coat,  2006.
Dress underneath.
Book signing with Pippa in 2007.
The Countess of Strathearn today with just a hint of the lacy dress underneath.

The Bride was very traditional in a dress with a full skirt, puffy veil, and tiara.  Zara looked very nice, although not what anyone was expecting.  Most thought Zara would wear something a little edgier.  I would have been very interested to see a choice more in keeping with her usual style, but I like the whole vibe of this wedding.  The church, the lightly sentimental choice of Scotland, reception at a royal residence--it is all traditional and I like to see that side of Zara, too.  She is, after all, the granddaughter of Elizabeth II.

I think the dress looks like it got dirty here at the bottom toward the left side of the shot.  The couple kissed after the ceremony, much to the crowds delight.  The bouquet is quite something, lovely, but almost wintry.

Briefly turning back to Kate's hat:

Secretly engaged Miss Middleton last year.
We haven't seen Kate wear a full blown hat, rather than a fascinator, in some time.  I hesitate to make a sweeping statement, but the last I can remember is the black hat she famously wore when she was secretly engaged to William.  Remind me if I forgot one more recently!  I guess the Order of the Garter Ceremony and then the Trooping of the Colour were not fascinators, but still, this hat crosses the line into another variety. This is the most provocative hat I can think of her ever wearing and out of her norm.  Love it!

Beautiful bride.

The Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Earl and Countess of Strathearn--more usually known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge--attended Zara and Mike's pre-wedding cocktail party aboard the The Royal Yacht Britannia this evening.  As you probably remember, the morning of the wedding, William was vested with the titles Duke of Cambridge, an English title; Earl of Strathearn, a Scottish title; and Baron Carrickfergus, the Irish title.  Kate, of course, took the female titles several hours later when they were married.  This of course means, they need to get back to Ireland as a married couple so we can dust off that other title!

Kate pulled a repeat, as expected, and wore the green DVF dress she wore in LA.  I know this one debuted to mixed reviews, but I certainly loved it from the front.  Something about the back isn't to my taste, but I know that a lot of you think that is what makes the dress, nevertheless... Most importantly, she is repeating and not drawing undue attention upon herself at Zara's party.

Zara is wearing what appear to be the oh so famous Kate shoes from LK Bennett.  Even if they are just a good look alike, the look is quite the keeper for summer.  These look fabulous on Zara.

There has been some chatter that this is no royal wedding, since Zara is in act a commoner.  When Princess Anne married Mark Phillips, he was offered a title, but refused.  Since he holds no title, his children take no title.  Nevertheless, Zara is arguably one of the Queen's favorite grandchildren, and the wedding seems to highlight the best of the royal and common life.  

So cute!

Tomorrow is the wedding itself!  Watch for photos!

Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, HRH Duke of  Cambridge,  Prince Harry, Dave Clark. 

Pippa Runs Again.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On July 22 Pippa was snapped on her early morning run again, and then later in the day shopping in Chelsea in a cute geometric print dress.  I don't know how she runs with her hair loose, but in several shots it is then tied back.  I hope she gets out to Mom and Dad's country place every now and again so she can squeeze in a solitary run!  For my temper, a little paparazzi would go a long way during a run.

In the run up to Zara's wedding, the Daily Mail printed an hysterical comic, which I have included for your enjoyment.

Via Daily Mail

Kate and Wills Expected to be at Zara's Wedding

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zara and Mike's Relaxed Engagement Photo.

This weekend is game time for Zara Phillips as she marries her longtime boyfriend, Mike Tindall, in Scotland on Saturday. Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne and so the granddaughter of the Queen making this wedding a bit of a royal one!  As you may remember, when Zara's brother married in 2008 he was paid £ 500,000 by Hello Magazine for exclusive photo rights.  The hitch was that the Queen and senior members of the royal family were not informed that the wedding was being meticulously documented for public consumption in the glossy spread and therefore the magazine got happy poses and unguarded candid moments of some of the most sought after "photo-subjects" in the world.  After all, the much discussed but guarded royal girlfriend, Kate Middleton, was among the guests who attended the wedding.   

Unguarded photos from the exclusive royal wedding issue from 2008.
Although, she has supposedly said she doesn't understand the public's interest in her upcoming nuptials, it has been reported that Zara, a top level equestrian sportswoman, wanted to make the same deal with Hello for her big day.  With a little more foresight than her brother, she allegedly ran the idea by her grandmum, but the palace--this time in the loop--put the kibosh on the deal.  If the reports are true, you can understand why Zara, who holds no title and makes her own way in the world, would be comfortable brokering such a deal.  Since much of her life is already played out under the spotlight and much of her income is from promoting the products of her sponsors, this could be a more natural idea to her than to the rest of the royal family.  It is certainly our loss, but we will glean what we can from the weekend!  On the other hand, this could be just a story and Zara may have never sought the publicity in the first place. 

The wedding will take place at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh.  The Queen has given the couple the use of her official residence in Scotland, Holyroodhouse Palace, for the reception.  The royal palace will be closed to the visiting public for around a week and Her Majesty will reimburse the Royal Collection £40,000 for the ticket sales they would have made if the palace were open to tourists.  Kate and William should be attending, so keep an eye out for the still shots!  Can't wait to see what both the Duchess of Cambridge AND the bride wear on July 30!  

Kate's Wedding Display at Buckingham Palace

Sunday, July 24, 2011

As you no doubt are already aware, the Duchess of Cambridge's dress is on display at Buckingham Palace now until October 3rd.  On Twitter @liltinglimes pointed out that the Queen is extending her traditional summer holiday in Scotland this year to allow the show to run a little longer.  What a deal for everyone!  Kate and the Queen previewed the display yesterday.  The dress must be even more stunning in person, although the presentation leaves a little lacking.  You can understand how the designer of the display would want the dress to be the focal point of attention, but the lighting does leave it looking slightly ghostly.

The Queen has by now very famously been quoted as saying the headless mannequin combined with the lighting is "horrid" and "creepy" although she was laughing at the time, I am with the Telegraph in thinking that it was not a joke.  The poor curator!  One of the most unfortunate drawbacks is that the mannequin is white and not flesh colored. The dress needs the contrast to highlight the beauty of the bodice.  Whatever drawbacks aside, the show is very arresting and is sure to net the palace plenty in ticket sales!

Kate was dressed simply in a white dress and heels, while the Queen wore this flowered print.  They chatted amiably throughout, although frankly this still looks a little awkward to me. Watch this video and tell me it isn't just a bit:

The display just reminds us all anew how absolutely incredible this dress is!  Beautiful fabric, perfect design, it is overwhelming in its taste and quality.  From an historical perspective, it is well worthy to take its place in history among the other British royal brides' wedding creations, and will, I am sure be a masterpiece of which our time period can be quite proud.

One last lovely video can be found here at BBC and includes audio of the Queen: Queen overheard criticising Duchess wedding dress display

They're Together...Again: Pippa and Alex

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the swirl of the tour, Pippa was plenty busy.  Pippa has been spotted out and about and, unusually, she has been seen with Alex Loudon.  They are clearly very much back on, as they were spotted happily about London.

Let's take a quick pictorial tour of Pippa's last few weeks:

On June 23rd she was out and about in London in a summery dress with the same petal cut of the skirt that Kate displayed in her Engagement/Canada Day dress.  I didn't like the style when Kate wore it with the Reiss dress, but I think here it works.

On the 29th she was photographed shopping for some shoes that I think she ended up buying.  I am fairly sure they are the ones that pop up several times in this post.  I love them!  See photos here at PopSugar.

Pippa showed up at Wimbledon on June 29th with her much contested boyfriend, Alex Loudon.  Cute red linen dress, and the the shoes she bought the day before, if I am not mistaken.

She was back at Wimbledon for the championship game on June 30.  I loved this dress in white when she wore it several wees ago, but the way she wears this black version is in no way classy.  This dress needs a slip, plain and simple.

Here is the same dress in white on June 9th.

On July 4th she was out shopping on the King's Road.  I like the clean look of her hair up and the casual white tank type top, but I don't know about the bottom half.  I kind of like it, I am going to say she pulls it off.

Later that day she was again spending time with Alex Loudon.  I love this dress! Very classic Middleton.

Pippa was in Chelsea and West London on July 6.  I like the dress for the most part, and the jacket goes well, but not a fan of the shoes. At all.  The style is unattractive and the band cuts the line of her leg prematurely.

The next day, July 7 she was spotted grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. The dress is fine, but the feminine dress and the more rugged jacket is not a hit with me, and the bag is a huge no-no.

On July 12th she was in Chelsea with more coffee.  Disaster. Let's move on.

In West London on July 14th before work.  I like this outfit; I would like it more with heels, but I like it.

In case you still don't know why Pippa looks so great, this picture of Pippa running in London on the 14th should answer a lot of questions.  This is your inspirational photo of the week. It sure is mine.

On July 15th Pippa wore an old favorite.  This dress is just lovely and I have already noted how much I love the shoes.  It all comes together so well--very flattering on her.

Today, July 20th, she brought those unfortunate shoes out again.  The jacket just doesn't seem to be able to decide if it is going to be loose or structured.  Those pockets...?  Ah well, the dress looks cute.

So all in all some fashion hits and misses from the Duchess of Cambridge's sister.  Alex and Pippa either had a break or broke up and have now reconciled.  Their sudden slew of public appearances have pointedly alerted us that they are once again back together.  Hopefully everything works out for the best.