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Canada Day in Red and White!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2: July 1. Kate showed up in her Reiss engagement dress to celebrate Canada Day today.  When the engagement photos were taken, I was so disappointed that we didn't get a better shot, but now I see it was better in my imagination.  I think unexpected details give a dress character, but in this case the ruffle on the side isn't really doing anything positive for the dress. The front of the skirt folding up the way it does just looks cheap, and too revealing for the middle of the day celebrating Canada Day.

In the abstract, it should work.  Watching the coverage, when Kate and Will did their walk-about, it was clearly very warm and even Kate had a glisten in the heat of the sun, so white was the wisest choice.  And a statement splash of color in a nod to Canada and the day would also seem to be a fail safe choice.  Even the best laid plans can go awry, I suppose...  Perhaps it wasn't the color so much as the maple leaves perched on top.  I am not Canadian, so if you disagree weigh in, but even if she came to the U.S. and wore a hat with a sprinkling of blue and white stars, I don't think I would be enthused.  The red? Yes.  The maple leaves? uhh, no. This could have worked at a Canadian Royal Ascot.

All and all, a little disappointed from our Duchess during the day, but my did she shine in the evening!

Answering the long cried for color in her choice, she stepped out for fireworks this evening in a purple knit  dress with a deep neckline and pleating in the front.  I feel like this dress is Issa, I think, I hope, it is!  I know that Issa had a dress on Net-a-Porter in the same shade, although it isn't there anymore.  Well, I await the awesome Sherlock Girls on Twitter to figure this one out, but major money on Issa.  

The dress seems almost baggy on Kate, but I love knit dresses that have different gatherings, so this is a hit with me. Kate added glamour to the evening mood by putting her hair all the way up in a neat chignon.  She is still wearing that maple brooch from the afternoon activities, which is (ahem) a better tribute to the host country than the maple leaves on her head earlier.

Don't forget that while there is plenty more of Will and Kate tomorrow, Charlene and Prince Albert are getting married in Monaco fancy style. Monsignor Bernard Barsi, the Archbishop of Monaco, will marry Charlene and Prince Albert during an outdoor Roman Catholic Mass in the Palace courtyard.  It should be very beautiful and I encourage you--if you have the opportunity--to tune in and watch.  It is a 5pm Mass in Monaco, so that is 8am PST.  Little easier than William and Kate's! :-)  See The Royal Correspondent for streaming live links. Tomorrow is FULL day.  See you then!


  1. Isn't that the same maple leaf pin that Queen Elizabeth wore on an earlier visit to Canada.

  2. Excellent eye, it is the same brooch. Apparently, Kate has it on loan from the Queen for this tour. The Queen wore it in 1951 on her first tour!

  3. I think that the Duchess chose very well. The dress is fun, as Canada should be, and still modest. The hat and shoes add the color, and of course it has to be red. And the maple leaves? The Duchess loves to add her own touch, and this is a nice nod to her host. Its definately much better than Fergies leaves in her hair when she visited Canada in the 80's.


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