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Day 4: Quebec City, Levis, and Prince Edward Island

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kate and William at Sunday Prayer Service

Day 4.  Well it is Sunday, so while William and Kate attended a prayer service aboard the Montreal, I had to go do some worshiping myself, and it took me a while to catch up.  I see that the videos I posted last night have been removed.  Not sure why that would be the case, but I checked the source and they are down, so it isn't a blog failure. :-(  Hoping today's videos will stick around longer.

So, William and Kate attended Sunday morning prayer service with the crew of the HMCS Montreal. Kate started the morning off in a striking blue dress that hit the spot for me more than yesterdays.  Still simple, but with elongated short sleeves and a cross between lace and embroidered applique-like detailing around the collar and bust.  I love the softer look and the color paired with the sapphire earrings. She was wearing her usual L.K. Bennett summer nude shoes.  Quick note on the shoes, post marriage Kate has finally fallen in with the platform wave, which we never saw before the wedding.  (Another reason Camilla Luddington's wardrobe choices looked lightly ridiculous at the time.)   Love these shoes so much.  Some footage of the two this morning at the prayer service:

And another brief video of the two arriving at la Maison Dauphine.  The Royal couple are in a part of Canada that isn't very pro-Monarchy, or pro-Canada for that matter, but thankfully security has dealt with them well, and Kate and William have been only mildly inconvenienced.

Next, the two attended the Freedom of the City Ceremony where William delivered his speech fully in French.  Click this link to watch the video of his speech without translated.  (See bottom of post for translated version from Telegraph)

Kate and William were warmly welcomed at Levis, where Kate stepped out in a new dress!  Creamy white Joseph dress that hearkens back to her less formal dresses from before her marriage.  Kate has been wearing structured suits and frocks to her various engagements--which I love-- but on more casual occasions she favors this more fluid material.  (This dress reminded me a little of the dusty mint green dress she wore to William's polo match the summer before their engagement.)  Kate kept the nude heels, but changed from the sapphire earrings to drop earrings. 

The two greeted a line of children waiting to meet them and the attention they clearly gave to each one was very sweet.  They then headed to the airport and flew to Prince Edward Island.

I half expected a wardrobe change at this juncture and half didn't.  She had just changed, so it seemed she wouldn't again, but it was a fairly obvious transition in the tour.  Kate took the middle option and added a jacket to her dress, and a change of shoes.  Prince Edward Island is the setting of L.M. Montgomery's famous Anne of Green Gables novels, and Kate was reportedly quite the fan as a child.  I loved the first 5-10 books myself, but after that I wished Anne the best in the last 100 or so sequels and gave up.

Quick wrap up video with various clips from the day click here.

With translation:
Prince William gives his full speech in French.

This pretty much concludes the Kate and William day.  Night everyone!

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  1. I love that shift dress both with and without the jacket. She looks so fresh and comfortable! I'm missing these royal tours, there's so much to look at.


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