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Day 5: The Dragon Boat Race You Waited Four Years For! (updated)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Best day of the tour by far!  Kate and William were on PEI and Kate wore what is now in my superstar list of favorite outfits!  This dress is right up there with the navy blue military coat dress she wore on Armed Forces begin to see the pattern, military jackets, naval inspired knit dresses all so wonderful.

The two conducted a brief walkabout and then were officially welcomed at Province House in Charlottetown to Prince Edward Island.  I am so excited about this dress.  The comfortable knit material, cabling, blue stripe detailing, little flairs around the hem, almost dropped waist, and the very nautical bow!  Comfortable, classy, and flattering.  See this video for fun shots of the two on the walkabout and Kate's dress in action.

The day went from better to best when they headed to Dalvay-by-the-Sea.  Kate changed to slim pants, and what I think is the navy trench she wore to the Cheltenham Festival in 2008--if you look I think you will recognize it-- and accessorized with a red scarf.  William demonstrated a Sea Hawk helicopter water landing on the lake and Kate looked very proud and happy as William landed his helicopter again, and again, and again, and again...

The two then got water ready for what was the highlight of my day: the Dragon Boat Race!  After her break with William in 2007, Kate trained with a group of women called The Sisterhood to compete against an all male group, The Brotherhood, across the English Channel.  Kate withdrew from the race, however, and got back together with William and we all lost out on seeing the race.  Obviously, the trade was worth it, but today we got our cake and ate it too when William and Kate were members of competing dragon boat teams.  Kate even briefly took the tiller, the task she had been given in 2007.  So fun to remember!

Kate in 2007 training to cross the Channel.
Kate at the tiller again in 2011 racing Prince William

Unfortunately, William's boat beat Kate's boat.  Something wasn't fair there, I am just trying to figure out what. The Cambridges hugged after the race and Kate gave William a playful hug/push as if to throw him into the water.  That photo will definitely hit the iconic photos list!

The Dragon Boat Race Hug!

In the below photo, the two are making their last stop (video) before they fly to Yellowknife after their stay on Prince Edward Island. @Nina_lux suggested that someone photoshop Grace Van Cutsem into this photo!  So funny--I would but my photoshop is worthless.  On another note, look at William's belt, that is a style we don't see him wear often.

Yellowknife is in the Northwestern Territories.  If you went east from Anchorage, Alaska, and north from the Montana and Idaho state line, where those lines cross you would be in Yellowknife.  So, North, north, north west.  The activities will, as usual, reflect the location. :-)

The royal couple are en route and I will update with their arrival in Yellowknife later this evening!

Kate and Will arrived safely in Yellowknife.  The Duchess stuck with the trench coat and changed into heels with her hair down.  After their full day, they didn't spend much time at the airport but popped almost immediately into the waiting motorcade.


@WhatKateWore pointed out that Kate wore several American brands today including Nike and JBrand Jeans.  Happy July 4th and God Bless America!

P.S.  Follow up to Charlene's wedding, see the video included in this article.

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  1. Love your post, the history on the boat races is *amazing*!


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