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Day 6: Yellowknife

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well, if you snoozed through today's leg of the tour, don't feel too badly, it was on the slow side, but there were fun moments, and so we'll quickly whip through the highlights. Kate stepped out in a neutral dress with a darker beige band at the waist that perfectly matched her shoes--love when that happens. The biggest surprise came more from the label, a Danish designer, rather than a British or Canadian.  I liked the pleats on the skirt and the color, but overall this dress wasn't very exciting to me. 

Total Miss.

The two started the day off at the Somba K'e Civic Plaza (see video of event here) where William gave a speech--said some words-- and the two met with locals and participated in native activities and sports. Probably the highlight of the morning was when William tried to make a few goals in a game of street hockey.  Kate took a lot of flak for declining the offer to try her own hand at a goal.  She made the excuse that she was wearing heels, and I say good for her.  I would have declined, too! (click here for video of the hockey goals, of lack there of.)

I think the bear on the floor is the highlight here.

In the afternoon, they attended a session of a youth parliament and a reception afterward.  Toward the conclusion the moderator asked if  "Their Royal Highnesses would like to add anything," but William chuckled and replied they were only there to listen.  More good choices from the Cambridges. :-)  Although the session itself might have been a bit of a snooze, and I will not be linking video, the gifts that they received were not!  William was presented with diamond cuff links, and Kate a diamond brooch!

Kate changed into cropped skinny slacks and a light shirt to head out to Blachford Lake where they met with Canadian Rangers, went canoeing, and chatted around a campfire.  It was real Rose Marie stuff.
Video of the two at the lake  Warning, if you get easily carsick, pass up this video!  I am not entirely sure what the camera man was doing when filming this, because he is all over the place.  Nevertheless, it gives a sense of the event and at the very least will make you want to get to the nearest body of water yourself and enjoy some nature!

I only like this look because I love Kate.  She is thin as a rail and so she pulls it off.  I love the shoes, though! 

That's it for today!

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  1. This dress definitely isn't very exciting, but I wish she'd wear it more. I feel like this is a good candidate to be worn under some of those pretty coats she's always wearing. It would look great with some of the square-healed pumps she's wearing now as well, and maybe a new belt.


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