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Day 8: Diamond Marshall's Dream to Meet a Real Princess Met. Updated

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dangerous Winds

Kate and William arrived in Calgary via a "fleet" of four helicopters, very impressive and exciting looking.  She stepped out wearing a lovely light canary yellow Jenny Packham dress.  The wind was whipping pretty savagely and at first the struggle with her hair seemed the major problem, but it quickly became apparent she had bigger worries with her light skirt.  I was on the edge of my seat for her the whole time.

The two were presented with white Stetsons, but they seemed indecisive about putting them on, and ended up not donning the western wear.  Kate began to move toward an adorable little girl waiting to give her flowers, when the child rushed in and hugged her.  Diamond Marshall is suffering from stage four cancer and wanted to meet a real princess, and she did!  Yet another precious moment on this tour.  Kate had a nice chat with the six year old, who hugged her at least once more and presented the Duchess with flowers and a small box, (chocolates, perhaps?) but when William came to greet her, hid her face shyly.  Wills patiently chatted with the girl and her mother before the two moved on.  Many prayers for little Diamond!

They then stepped into the waiting motorcade, for which Kate was no doubt very thankful...  The oversight from Kate on her skirt weight surprised me, since she usually has that sort of situation under control.  Flying in from a different location can throw off your preparations, I suppose, when weighing the factors of an outfit.

Then they moved to the University of Calgary Research Center where they were again welcomed by two adorable, albeit shy, little girls.  William very gentlemanly and appropriately pushed Kate forward to accept the flowers and she stayed and talked with the little girls after William moved on to the rest of the receiving line.

Kate was sheltered from the wind at the University and her dress worked without a hitch.  I am crazy about the fluidity of the fabric, and impressed that Kate can pull off yellow!  She looked radiant at the airport and the yellow suited her.  The dress is a little short-waisted, a common affliction of those who are 5'10", but she is so very thin that she just scrapes by. 

There is another event tonight, so check back for more info and better photos!

To close the evening off in Calgary--and the last evening of the tour in Canada-- William and Kate attended a reception at which the Prime Minister thanked them for coming and presented them with a farewell gift.  The evening was quite festive with cowboys hats on the marching band and guests arriving in denim and plaid!  The crowds, many of whom had waited patiently for an extraordinary period of time to catch a glimpse of the couple, shouted and cheered in anticipation as Kate and William approached dressed in jeans and their Stetsons on a stagecoach pulled by what appeared to be Clydesdales!!

Kate was wearing what was reported as a Temperley blouse that was appropriately detailed for the occasion.  I have been wanting to get cowboy boots for three years and I am re-inspired.  On an unrelated side note, William hasn't looked this good in some time.  :-)  Even my sister remarked he looked particularly good, and she is a tough sell.

They watched a little rodeo where several children rode around on sheep, carefully monitored by their elders, and then watched several real bulls in action!

The Prime Minister, in his closing speech, thanked the couple for visiting Canada.  In turn, William spoke of the wonderful days that he had enjoyed with Kate meeting the people of Canada.  He closed with a promise to return.  Watch speeches here.

Last bit of the tour in Canada tomorrow.  See you then!

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