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A Full Day 3 for William and Kate: Ottawa and Montreal.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge.  This tour is a little overwhelming at times, so for those of you who don't have the time or leisure to follow the live feeds I am going to try to add a few videos to today's post so you can get the experience without spending all the time.  I will update if more videos turn up. As a side not, I talked up the Canadian app for the tour, but it has turned out to be fairly useless.  I guess it is only good for the screen icon after all.

Your turn!  William and Kate plant a tree in Ottawa.

The day kicked off with William and Kate planting a tree in Ottawa at the Government House, right by the tree that Charles and Diana planted on William's first birthday!  They were also introduced to couples who were married in 29th of April, although not necessarily of this year.  Tree planting isn't as hard as it sounds.  See video...

I like the Catherine Walker dress on Kate--simple and flattering.  The dress has a lot of sharp edges and the back, too, is a little edgy; I like it and I don't. It does add an interesting element to a fairly plain garment. The heels intrigue me the most, they were again pointed and had a pattern that become more apparent from a distance. Just the needed zing the dress needed.

Kate at Ottawa's War Museum
Kate and William flew to Montreal next:

The couple then met with Canadian vets and families at Ottawa's War Museum.  After that it was farewell to Ottawa as the Kate and William headed to Montreal!

There they visited a hospital for young children and mothers, as well as getting some cooking tips from a local culinary school.  Kate and William donned chefs' jackets to work on different edible creations.  Although William confidently said, "I am always ready." when asked if he was ready to get started, it was quickly apparent that his talents probably lie more in flying helicopters than manipulating delicate food.  Kate didn't get as much coverage, but I will say one thing.  When visiting a kitchen where you will help prepare food, it always is a positive to have your hair up, not constantly sweeping it from your face.  Still, the atmosphere was full of laughter and fun!

Kate is Queen of the Kitchen

The two then moved to a reception and private dinner cooked by the students at the school.  The room was full of people speaking French, so I hope that the brushing up Kate was reported to have been doing worked.
Still looking for video of the kitchen, but when I come across one I will post it here.

Kate and William will sleep tonight on a Canadian Naval Frigate, HMCS Montreal, as they sail the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City for tomorrow's day 4!

Favorite photo of the day goes to Daily Mail's picture of a little girl curtsying to Kate.  Very sweet!

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  1. Absolutely love the "lapel" detailing on the back. This look is one of my all-time favorites.


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