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Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A quick break from watching Canada had to be taken to tune into Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert's wedding in Monaco today.  They were married in the main courtyard of the Palace, and despite the large white awnings above that created shade, it looked pretty hot.  The Mass beautifully moved through the parts accompanied by a truly breathtaking selection of music.  The British royal wedding had stunning music as well, but Monaco's was show stopping.  Both Renee Fleming and Andrea Bocelli were quasi cantors, the latter singing a lovely rendition of the traditional Ave Maria before the closing blessing.

Charlene wore what was widely predicted, a streamlined dress that wasn't strapless, but showed more skin than Kate's covered look, glossier material with beading, long train and veil.  Classic Armani, classic Charlene.  She was married in June in an outdoor courtyard, so the choice was appropriate on every level.  No tiara, sadly, but she did have some lovely family jewels as a hairpiece.  Although, the ceremony was perfect, questions loomed about the mood of the bride, who seemed mildly subdued.

As you all probably know, Albert has several illegitimate children to his credit.  That news broke some time ago (read years) and the whole embarrassing rigmarole was gone through with allegations, confirmations, etc.  Just days ago, however, a story broke that Charlene had made an attempt to ditch the wedding after another woman supposedly came forward and claimed her 18 month old was Prince Albert's.  Charlene allegedly had to be stopped at the airport and persuaded to return and follow through with the wedding.  Poo poo, you say, but now apparently, the Palace has confirmed that Albert will submit to a paternity test after the wedding.

Albert met Charlene in 2000 and they began living together in 2006, so on top of the obvious fact that Albert needs a significantly greater amount of control than he obviously has, if he turns out to be the biological father of this child, then he clearly cheated on Charlene. Insult to injury, and the run-away bride story suddenly doesn't seem so out of the possible anymore.  

The mood at the wedding was hard to read, but definitely raised some eyebrows.  Charlene was incredibly subdued throughout the ceremony and although Albert reached out to her several times, I didn't notice a lot of reciprocation.  At first I assumed that she was nervous and quiet, but she is an Olympic swimmer and so must be used to a certain amount of spotlight and pressure. In the end, we don't know what went on behind the palace doors, but at least from the outside, it isn't the ideal way to kick off your marriage.

I will leave you to decide which way you will place your bet.  In any case, best wishes to the couple, hopefully everything can be resolved happily. 

Kate in Canada update tonight!


  1. Princess Charlene is truly a beautiful woman. No make-up on, simple hairdo, she simply looks stunning. She also has the stature of a real Princess. Prince Albert made an excellent choice for his wife as Princess Charlene very much looks like his late mother, Her Serene Highness, Grace Kelly. Best wishes to this royal couple and may they produce a royal heir soon.

  2. This Dress is so beautiful. I like this couple very much and there twins are really sweet too.

    1. At the time of this wedding I was torn on how I felt about the dress. I thought it was beautiful, but wasn't sure how I felt about the overall look with it - a bit too streamlined, a bit too stiff perhaps? Now I love it. I prefer it to every other royal wedding dress, because almost all of them feature such heavy lace. I loved how chic and simple this one is, and yet how intricately detailed the designs are - it looks like it's been embossed. I love how regal the overall look is, as well. She knocks it out of the park every time.


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