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Is Issa Out?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camilla Al-Fayed 

There is some potentially (very) bad news for those who love seeing Kate wear the "it" designer of the pre-wedding days. Camilla Al-Fayed has bought Issa.  Issa has long been favored by Kate and Pippa, as well as other junior members of the royal family such as Beatrice and Eugenie, but this newest development could see the designer's popularity plummet.

Pippa Middleton in Issa

Princess Eugenie in Issa
Camilla is the daughter of Mohammad Al-Fayed and her half-brother was Dodi Al-Fayed.  As most of the world knows, Dodi was the boyfriend of Diana, Princess of Wales and died in the same crash in the Pont d'Alma in Paris.  Relations between the royal family and the Al-Fayed family have been anything but pleasant in the years since the tragedy.  Mohammad Al-Fayed alleges that the royal family engineered the "murder" of William's mother and has publicly and aggressively promoted this theory for years, both in the courts and now in film.  His documentary, which has caused the most recent furor, includes the tasteless use of video of the late Princess's last moments in the twisted crash.  The addition of this footage and public screening in particular can only engender pain and anger from her sons.

Al-Fayed burns the Queen's coat of arms.

With the Al Fayed name linked to Issa, it can only make the label less attractive to the royals, and particularly to Kate, whose every fashion choice is documented and translated.  Kate is very loyal and perhaps she will let this blow over and continue to patronize the brand, but perhaps she will fade it out, or worse for us, only wear Issa in private.

What do you think?  Will Kate stop wearing Issa?  Should she?


  1. i think that catherine will keep her issa wardrobe very 'light' . sure ,she seems like a loyal Issa wearer, but i think her loyalty should now lie with her husband more. but, what do i know!!

  2. Issa is out. It would be unimaginable for her to wear a brand so closely associated with Al-Fayed.

  3. Issa is done! No way would will any member of the royal family continue to associate with the brand...especially after the documentary fiasco.

  4. I agree with you all, I don't see how she can continue to highlight Isaa. :-( We'll see, though.

  5. I stumbled upon this blog post I missed when it was written and, years later, what can we tell? Sh has not worn the label for years now :(


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