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Kate Effect on Brides Magazine Cover!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three months after the royal wedding, the bridal industry is feeling the aftershocks of a ceremony whose every detail was scrutinized and watched live around the world by approximately two billion people.  I finally got my hands on a copy of the August issue of Brides magazine the cover of which has a slim brunette modeling a recognizable reproduction of Kate's dress.

It is really only two pages of coverage, but features some interesting statistics.  The obvious is stated early: dresses with sleeves and lace are flying off the racks, and Pippa's bridesmaid dress is also wildly popular for the bride as well.  Sapphire jewelry has seen an increase in interest and sales, as well as brides wanting heirloom rings for their engagement.

There are the items you might not think of--red aisle runners are up 25% and an increase of brides who want multiple children in their wedding party.  Apparently, women have been trending towards very personalized wedding invitations, and when I think over the past three years I can think of quite a few invitations that could have been heralding a yearly barbecue rather than the "biggest day" of your life. After the royal wedding, brides are moving back towards traditional and formal invitations.  Both faux tiara sales and horse and carriage rentals are also up, which might not be the best side effect of Kate's wedding--some things only work with royalty.

In general, the wedding moved the entire mood of the industry back in the direction of formal and traditional.  Over 52% of women say they are more likely to wear a veil after seeing Will and Kate's wedding, and grooms are looking for bespoke to give them the formal and tailored appearance.  The most exciting news is the increasing hat mania that is in motion.  Kate had already started the trend before her wedding with the many fascinators she wore to various events, but after the world wide coverage on April 29th popularity is growing exponentially.

It can't happen quickly enough for me.  May Kate's fashion reign world wide!

This issue of Brides will be on sale until August 15th if you want to peruse a copy yourself and see more details!

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