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New Hat for Kate!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kate, in Scotland the Countess of Strathearn

Kate wore the same coat to today's wedding that she wore in 2006 to the Parker-Bowles wedding, but she teamed it with a brand new hat!  Excellent compromise; she didn't upstage the bride, but she also wore something new and special to an event that merited special attention.  The dress that Kate wore under this coat in 2006 and then without the coat in 2007 is one of my all time favorites from her dating days.  I think she may be wearing it again today.

Kate Middleton in the same coat,  2006.
Dress underneath.
Book signing with Pippa in 2007.
The Countess of Strathearn today with just a hint of the lacy dress underneath.

The Bride was very traditional in a dress with a full skirt, puffy veil, and tiara.  Zara looked very nice, although not what anyone was expecting.  Most thought Zara would wear something a little edgier.  I would have been very interested to see a choice more in keeping with her usual style, but I like the whole vibe of this wedding.  The church, the lightly sentimental choice of Scotland, reception at a royal residence--it is all traditional and I like to see that side of Zara, too.  She is, after all, the granddaughter of Elizabeth II.

I think the dress looks like it got dirty here at the bottom toward the left side of the shot.  The couple kissed after the ceremony, much to the crowds delight.  The bouquet is quite something, lovely, but almost wintry.

Briefly turning back to Kate's hat:

Secretly engaged Miss Middleton last year.
We haven't seen Kate wear a full blown hat, rather than a fascinator, in some time.  I hesitate to make a sweeping statement, but the last I can remember is the black hat she famously wore when she was secretly engaged to William.  Remind me if I forgot one more recently!  I guess the Order of the Garter Ceremony and then the Trooping of the Colour were not fascinators, but still, this hat crosses the line into another variety. This is the most provocative hat I can think of her ever wearing and out of her norm.  Love it!

Beautiful bride.


  1. I have been scouring your site to see if you had a photo of Kate in that blue dress (second to last photo). Any word on who is the designer?

    That is hands down my favorite outfit of hers. That dress is resplendent. The color just jumps off the page.

    1. I know, I absolutely love that too. It was such an exciting time, with engagement rumors everywhere and then the announcement... It so vibrant against the black.
      Ok, so about the dress, I am pretty sure it was a custom made Issa. That was back when Issa was her favorite label and she wore the brand all the time.
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I love it when people weigh in!


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