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Kate's Repeats!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I saw the Daily Mail article and thought, "Who Wore it Best" so let's do a quick "Which Event did Kate Wear it Best" poll! I love how some of these pictures highlight how long the Kate has been on the royal circuit.  Vote your favorite at the polls on the side bar!

#1: The Reiss Engagement Dress:  Do you like the debut look or the repeat?



The Periwinkle Blue: Do you like the debut or the repeat?

The Black and White Zara (CLUBBING) Dress: Debut or Repeat?


The "Wedding Coat": Do you like the debut, middle or repeat?  (I had completely forgotten about 2010! Thank you to at What Kate Wore for reminding.)

Parker Bowles


Zara's Wedding

1 comment:

  1. First dress: I think the debut at her engangment looks better.
    second dress: the repeat of the blue dress is a little bit better.
    third dress: the repeat. The dress looks better without a jacket


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