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Kate's Wedding Display at Buckingham Palace

Sunday, July 24, 2011

As you no doubt are already aware, the Duchess of Cambridge's dress is on display at Buckingham Palace now until October 3rd.  On Twitter @liltinglimes pointed out that the Queen is extending her traditional summer holiday in Scotland this year to allow the show to run a little longer.  What a deal for everyone!  Kate and the Queen previewed the display yesterday.  The dress must be even more stunning in person, although the presentation leaves a little lacking.  You can understand how the designer of the display would want the dress to be the focal point of attention, but the lighting does leave it looking slightly ghostly.

The Queen has by now very famously been quoted as saying the headless mannequin combined with the lighting is "horrid" and "creepy" although she was laughing at the time, I am with the Telegraph in thinking that it was not a joke.  The poor curator!  One of the most unfortunate drawbacks is that the mannequin is white and not flesh colored. The dress needs the contrast to highlight the beauty of the bodice.  Whatever drawbacks aside, the show is very arresting and is sure to net the palace plenty in ticket sales!

Kate was dressed simply in a white dress and heels, while the Queen wore this flowered print.  They chatted amiably throughout, although frankly this still looks a little awkward to me. Watch this video and tell me it isn't just a bit:

The display just reminds us all anew how absolutely incredible this dress is!  Beautiful fabric, perfect design, it is overwhelming in its taste and quality.  From an historical perspective, it is well worthy to take its place in history among the other British royal brides' wedding creations, and will, I am sure be a masterpiece of which our time period can be quite proud.

One last lovely video can be found here at BBC and includes audio of the Queen: Queen overheard criticising Duchess wedding dress display


  1. Allie in Churchill, MBJuly 28, 2016 at 5:14 PM

    I'm a current and avid reader of your blog (although I don't comment much). I'm laid up in bed with a knee the size of Manhattan, and doped up on painkillers, so I'm reading all the 2011 posts. I've never heard the Queen criticize so openly before! How awful the people at the gallery must have felt! I was so surprised by the video! Thank you for posting it. I'm really enjoying the early days of your blog.

    Would love a post sometime, chronological, of all the things Kate wore before the wedding, back to when she was first spotted as William's possible girlfriend. Obviously that is a lot to ask, but I don't know where to find the photos myself.

    Thanks for your great blog and for a wonderful way to spend another day stuck indoors. If not for the knee I could be down at the coast of Hudson Bay watching the beluga whales! (I've just moved to the Canadian Arctic.)


  2. Everything about KM's style is stuff I wouldn't choose for myself, but it always suits her so well. This dress was so vintage 1950's Cinderella style and I still sigh dreamily every time I see a picture of her in it. I can see how the display can be seen as "creepy" but the photos are so dramatic, I completely understand why it was set up as it was.


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