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Royal Fireworks...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks. :-)

This picture ends the blogging night for me.  Thanks to @britishroyals for snagging this before it disappeared. William and Kate watched a display of fireworks display on Canada Day.

Tonight they boarded the HMCS Montreal to sail through the night on the St. Lawrence.  The post below has been updated with several brief but great videos that give you a sense of the day and footage. See you all tomorrow!


  1. That is an amazing picture, was it photographed or screencaptured?

    It's gorgeous.

  2. Isn't it!! It was on the official flikr account, but then removed. :-( The assumption is they thought it was too personal. It is beautiful, I don't know why you would want it down.

  3. what an awesome photo


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