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They're Together...Again: Pippa and Alex

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the swirl of the tour, Pippa was plenty busy.  Pippa has been spotted out and about and, unusually, she has been seen with Alex Loudon.  They are clearly very much back on, as they were spotted happily about London.

Let's take a quick pictorial tour of Pippa's last few weeks:

On June 23rd she was out and about in London in a summery dress with the same petal cut of the skirt that Kate displayed in her Engagement/Canada Day dress.  I didn't like the style when Kate wore it with the Reiss dress, but I think here it works.

On the 29th she was photographed shopping for some shoes that I think she ended up buying.  I am fairly sure they are the ones that pop up several times in this post.  I love them!  See photos here at PopSugar.

Pippa showed up at Wimbledon on June 29th with her much contested boyfriend, Alex Loudon.  Cute red linen dress, and the the shoes she bought the day before, if I am not mistaken.

She was back at Wimbledon for the championship game on June 30.  I loved this dress in white when she wore it several wees ago, but the way she wears this black version is in no way classy.  This dress needs a slip, plain and simple.

Here is the same dress in white on June 9th.

On July 4th she was out shopping on the King's Road.  I like the clean look of her hair up and the casual white tank type top, but I don't know about the bottom half.  I kind of like it, I am going to say she pulls it off.

Later that day she was again spending time with Alex Loudon.  I love this dress! Very classic Middleton.

Pippa was in Chelsea and West London on July 6.  I like the dress for the most part, and the jacket goes well, but not a fan of the shoes. At all.  The style is unattractive and the band cuts the line of her leg prematurely.

The next day, July 7 she was spotted grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. The dress is fine, but the feminine dress and the more rugged jacket is not a hit with me, and the bag is a huge no-no.

On July 12th she was in Chelsea with more coffee.  Disaster. Let's move on.

In West London on July 14th before work.  I like this outfit; I would like it more with heels, but I like it.

In case you still don't know why Pippa looks so great, this picture of Pippa running in London on the 14th should answer a lot of questions.  This is your inspirational photo of the week. It sure is mine.

On July 15th Pippa wore an old favorite.  This dress is just lovely and I have already noted how much I love the shoes.  It all comes together so well--very flattering on her.

Today, July 20th, she brought those unfortunate shoes out again.  The jacket just doesn't seem to be able to decide if it is going to be loose or structured.  Those pockets...?  Ah well, the dress looks cute.

So all in all some fashion hits and misses from the Duchess of Cambridge's sister.  Alex and Pippa either had a break or broke up and have now reconciled.  Their sudden slew of public appearances have pointedly alerted us that they are once again back together.  Hopefully everything works out for the best.


  1. Great post! I don't pay much attention to The Pips, so this was nice to read.

    The July 12th outfit? YIKES. The blouse... the jeans... Ugh. Otherwise, I liked all her outfits.

    Look at the muscles in her legs! I've played sports for ages that use your legs intensively, and mine still don't look like that!

  2. she's no fashionista, i don't think she really cares what people think of her style. i know i wouldn't really care what people thought of my fashion....

  3. Thanks NJ! I know, I am a runner and I was looking at those muscles and am very impressed. I guess those are the legs that can run halfway across Scotland. Good for her, I like seeing her out running; it reminds me to lace up!

  4. The black shoes with the ankle strap just make her look short!

  5. Exactly, cut the line of the leg and you immediately look shorter.

  6. I actually love her July 7th look! It's very NY to me. Add some heeled booties and she'd be set!


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