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What's up at the Daily Mail?

Friday, July 15, 2011

A few Daily Mail stories have made some ripples today and they are both interesting, albeit for completely different reasons.  First, Kate's car is going up for sale on Ebay!

Then Kate Middleton in her VW. Photo via Daily Mail.

My favorite piece of Kate memorabilia so far!  Kate's little VW Golf is going to be auctioned soon on Ebay by the man who bought the car from the Middletons.  Kate drove this car when she was at University and most famously received that ticket which was much reported at the time.  The car comes with the owners log--of course-- listing Catherine Middleton.  Cars are so individually personal that this is the best Kate memento I have seen so far.  Just to add to the fun, there was a pair of cuff links left in the car when sold...who knows, but the legends can just keep growing on those!

The Daily Mail is also reporting a (cough) story claiming that Prince Charles is having trouble dealing with the superstar status of the newest royal couple.  The biggest problem with the Daily Mail's angle, as is not uncommon, is that they overstep immediately, add embellishments for drama, and pretty soon everyone is so focused on the clearly unlikely aspects of the story that no one is looking at what might actually be true.

I doubt that the Daily Mail knows if Charles is "increasingly edgy" or not, but there are some very valid points.  Most basically, the nub of this story is that Charles is overshadowed by the incredible service of his mother, and the overwhelming popularity of his son and daughter-in-law. All you need to do is ask yourself a few questions to find the right answer.  Is he happy that his mother is an excellent and respected monarch?  He must be.  Is he thrilled that his son has found a wonderful woman to be his wife and partner and that the world is wild about them?  How could he not be!  Is it hard to be the man who is often unpopular and frequently overlooked?  I think the answer can only be yes.

See both stories at the DailyMail.

Charles: I Deserved to Be Loved.  I know, I know...what a headline.
Kate Middleton's Car.  Fun to say that again, Kate Middleton.


  1. This type of gossip, it is as bad as bullying, in my opinion. I have hoped that catherine does become more involved in beat bullying campaigns. It is sad and pathetic to write what are basically just lies about someone. I wish these people would see that their actions do have consequences .

  2. Mean articles are certainly ugly and thoughtless. I remember that Kate mentioned that she just has to let the unkind stories slide off her back. Other reports, however, such as this one on her car, are simply interesting pieces of news on the future Queen, which is to be expected and natural. After all, if we didn't pay any attention to the royals and they were not in the news and in public consciousness, they wouldn't be able to draw the same attention to their charities. The publicity is part of the package. I agree, though, there is no call for some of the nasty stories we have seen in the past.


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