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William and Kate Wave Goodbye to Los Angeles and Fly Home to UK.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a tour! After eleven days in North American, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge boarded a British Airways flight and flew home to England.  I imagine that they will make their way as soon as possible to their little--or comparatively little-- farm house in Anglesey to get back to some normal routine and the rhythm of a quiet life. 

"Yes, I am behaving..."
"What did I get all over myself?'
"Here, let me handle that!"

They spent their last day in Los Angeles visiting a number of different organizations, kicking the morning off with a reception for the TUSK Trust, visiting inner city children, and closing with a tour of Sony Studios and meeting with Mission Serve.  It was very Los Angeles, as they moved through the crowd at the studios it was a sea of smart phones in the air snapping photos and taking video! 

William's turn to give Kate a helping hand.


Kate chose a simple white pleated skirt and navy blue crochet like top to close her time on the tour.  Chic but relaxed for the varied business during the day.  To me, this last outfit has interesting symmetry with the first dress she wore when she stepped out of the plan in Ottawa, which was navy blue lace over white.  So today was like the casual cousin, I loved it!

Packing boxes.

Pink hardhat!

Greeting fans.

Kate and William painted and made pottery at the inner city art school and helped pack care package bags for the children of service members.  There are too many lovely pictures to pack into this post!  I want to mention again how endearing and generous Kate and William were when they once again took some time today to greet fans!  They just keep getting it right, don't they?!

Well, it has been quite the blogging marathon. Thankfully, we have some delightful break time.  So, recoup, because we have a bit of a royal wedding to keep on eye on toward the end of month!  

Happy time, but happy to fly home.

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