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William's Team Wins the Polo Match in Santa Barbara!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well, the Pacific Ocean made its contribution to the day with foggy overcast skies, but even in June Gloom, Santa Barbara is stunning.  To help out, the Duke and Duchess really made the afternoon sparkle when they arrived by helicopter to the Santa Barbara Polo Club!  The Santa Barbara Polo Club is actually a little south of Santa Barbara in Carpinteria, right off the PCH, and is considered one of the finer polo clubs in the world.  The red carpet was literally rolled out for the two, who walked smiling past the snapping photographers and reporters!  (Fans who couldn't afford tickets were toasting the couple at the Old King's Road on State Street--definitely the best bar in town!)

Contemplative Duchess

Kate wore another Jenny Packham with similar structure to the ARK dress.  I loved the style and material, but the print was not to my taste.  I keep waiting for it to grow on me, and it just doesn't.  Her bandage style sandal/heels were a new look from Kate, but perfect for the occasion. 

What kind of face is that, William?  
Polo is so fun; fast paced, exciting, and beautiful!  Both the skill of the horses and the skill of the riders is marvelous to watch!  William was very impressive scoring at least four goals.  Really, the Princes are not only royals, soldiers, charity workers, they are also practically professional sportsmen!!

California Highway Patrol!

William's team won and Kate presented the trophy.  As I thought, there was no kiss, but at least they exchanged some kisses on the cheek!  The crowd was thrilled and the afternoon closed happily.

Tiffany's Box!

Tonight is the black-tie affair that we have all been looking forward to the whole week!  I think we already got a glimpse of the dress earlier in the tour when the bags were removed from the plane, but only a mere hint. Tonight should be fully stunning as I completely believe the Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge will outshine every star!


  1. if your gonna have a website dedicated to scrutinizing everything she wears, could u at least not criticize ? it's not very becoming of you. just b/c u may not like it, doesn't mean u have to type it.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the shoes she is wearing!


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