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Cambridge Odds and Ends.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

All quiet on the Cambridge front since the Holyrood park hullabaloo.  This may be the frst real drought since the engagement news last year.  There was the constant wedding speculation and tension leading up to the 29th as well as Kate and William's "UK tour" and then the summer festivities that the RF attends, followed by the ultimate saturation of the North American tour, and then just for good measure a wedding in Edinburgh.  Now, we wait.  The respite has been nice, though.  I loved the tour, but I was also so happy when it finally ended!  Do not be alarmed, it is inevitable that we will see the Cambridges more and more as time moves on.

Results are in from the polls on Kate's repeats.

The Wedding Coat: The showing at Zara's wedding won by a little over 55% with Parker-Bowles appearance at around 37% and the Baker event a mere 7%.  I think it is the hat that decides the different appearances, and although that stark black fascinator at first turned me against the Baker, it has grown on me substantially.

Reiss Dress: Overwhelming 70% and change goes to debut, although close to 30% liked the repeat.  I just don't like the Reiss dress. At all.

SuperStar look Periwinkle Blue: Debut wins again at around 60% with 40% still in favor of the repeat.  The blue under the dress was a mistake the second time around, and the blue fascinator does not grow in attractive qualities over time. Think Ella Kay's rather scorching review. :-)

Lastly, The Zara Print: Over 81% went with the repeat!  This one surprised me.  I love the debut so much.  I take the liberty of presuming all of us believe that Kate hits a home-run on her fashion choices, whether she is debuting or repeating, 99.9% of the time.

Kate and William apparently have a bit of a problem in their new little home at KP. Supposedly, several flats inhabited by staff overlook their cozy nest and they feel that their privacy is compromised.  I don't blame them.  As the most famous couple in the world, you would like to retire at night to a spot that feels secure and private.  Since the flat isn't their primary home right now, they will probably stay put, but a move is in their future.  These accommodations were always temporary, since they need a larger residence to live and entertain in once their lives keep them in London for longer periods.

Kate and William are undergoing training for security in the case of an attempted or successful kidnapping.  See a report of their weekend activities here:  Kate and William Trained by SAS to Bolster Security  There is speculation that this was the event from which the much questioned Twitter photo of a girl with Royal Couple came.  I am not coming down on one side or the other on the question of its veracity.  There are certainly suspicious aspects to the photo, but other parts seem to add up.  If the photo is a product of Photoshop it is a stunning job!  Below is the picture that the girl posted to Twitter.  She declined a brief interview, so beyond the picture the story is fairly sparse.  I am loathe to declare it a fake hastily, since if it is in fact real it would be so terrible for the poor girl not to have her exciting story taken seriously.

via Twitter

JS Collection, stocked at Dillard's among other locations, has released plans for several royal copies and they are fairly good ones!  Kate's Erdem dress from her touchdown in Ottawa, the Reiss engagement dress, and the BAFTA lilac dress, as well as Pippa's bridesmaid dress and a reproduction of Kate's, are all in the works.  They are the best reproductions I have seen in terms of style, quality I cannot speak for as yet.  The first thing I noticed about the Erdem reproduction was how much lighter the blue lace is against the background than Kate's actual version.  For some reason that changes the feel of the dress dramatically for me, but perhaps it will be a deeper blue in actuality? The Reiss dress looks just as bad as it does in "real-life."  I really don't like that dress, although the angle for the engagement photo made it look fantastic...

Royalty Inspired Dresses at Dillard's
Blue Lace Ottawa Touchdown
Reiss Look-a-Like
Dress inspired by Kate's Bridal Gown
Pippa's Bridesmaid Dress

Pippa news. A show about Pippa aired last night on TLC.  I didn't see it, but reports were not good--surprise, surprise.  Interviews with family Pippa hasn't even met, and the like.  If it goes online I may peruse it briefly and give you some further details, but it sounds like just the program to give a miss!

Pixiwoo has a fantastic make-up tutorial for Kate's look.  As I watched Nic go through the stages I kept thinking, that isn't how Kate looks, and then at the end it was perfectly Kate!  She does two videos, the second is specifically royal wedding:

I know there has been a lot of discussion recently about Kate's eye make-up, thank you Vivienne Westwood for your remarks, but whether you like Kate's look or not, this is certainly it.  Personally, I think she does step out in a little too much eyeliner every now and again, but on the whole I am a fan.  We should all be used to it by now, it has been her make-up staple for many years!  Someone claimed that Kate has a permanent eyeliner, one that lasts over six months!  It is true her makeup seems smudge proof, but I think it highly unlikely Kate would lock herself into anything so rigid.  That coupled with the fact that the harshness of the eyeliner varies moves my vote to expensive products and careful application, but I suppose the topic is open to dispute.

Well, the Royal Holiday continues, but we will stay updated with anything of interest that comes along.

À bientôt!


  1. I'm guessing the next time we might see them in "public" will be if/when the Royal family attend church on Sunday when they're up at Balmoral... Though it has been said that W & K will only be joining the Queen, etc. for a "long weekend" due to Will's work commitments.

  2. I love the layout of your blog and Kate's superstar looks is coming along excellently.

    I had to take the above photo of William and Kate off my blog, I thought once it was credited it was ok.

    Hope to see photos of the Royal couple this weekend :)


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