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Diana, Princess of Wales

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is the 14th anniversary of the Diana's death, and I so I have thrown together a few, but not nearly all, of my favorite outfits she showcased over the years.  I rarely mention her on this blog, partly because the blog is about Kate and partly because the strange and bizarre angles that multiple media sources often take have made any mention of Diana almost distasteful.  It is unfortunate, because a happy celebration of her caring nature and beautiful clothes should not be a seen as the stamp of crazy!

One of my favorite hats from Diana, this striking turban is absolutely stunning on the Princess. She lined her eyes in blue as well, and wore her sapphire and diamond stud earrings. A perfect ensemble!

A later look from Diana, I have always loved this glamorous dress, and daring neckline, and the sister dress to this in blue is towards the end of the post.  Notice the pleats on the straps?

This is a double score, both the dress and tiara are super favorites of mine.  I know it is often called the Elvis dress, but I overlook that.  Pearls are so beautiful, too.  Sigh.

The sand of the desert and the tan and muted colors of this outfit are fabulous together!  Her sapphire engagement ring sparkled as the lone color in the ensemble.  The images of her wandering through the ruins are quite striking!

This is one of her best known photos.  As Charles took to the TV to declare his infidelity to the world, she donned this little black dress, the iconic Princess of Wales sapphires, and looked radiant and undefeated.

Pretty in pink!

Diana meets His Holiness Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in the traditional black mantilla.  Her blond coloring is remarkably lovely with the black lace.

I love the detail on the bodice, the scoop-like neck, and of course, the Wales sapphires. 

Jimmy Choo tried to dissuade Diana from wearing such towering heels when she was already 5'10", but she confidently chose to have them made high anyway, and was clearly vindicated.

Beautiful blue, and a square neckline of the later years.

This is a lovely suit, most of all, though, it is a beautiful and comforting photo.  Princess Diana and Mother Teresa had a strong friendship probably fostered by their mutual love of the broken and needy.  It has been some time since I had these facts surely at my finger tips, but if memory serves, Mother Teresa and Diana saw each other twice the year she died.  Once earlier and then again not long before the fatal crash.  When news of Diana's accident spread across the globe, Mother Teresa and her nuns rose and spent the night in prayer for the fading Diana.  This is certainly a story that should lend peace and comfort to all who admired and loved the Princess of Wales. Mother Teresa followed Diana in death less than a week later.


  1. Thanks for the look can see her spirit and smile in both her boys today.

  2. The world lost so much that week!

  3. she's so beatiful and i love her dresses

  4. Greetings from California, both Southern and Northern Cali. Come and visit the beautiful Redwoods sometime on the 101 fwy I ran into your blog looking for earrings and engagement/wedding rings. Those blue sapphires are a beautiful gem. Anyways the reason I am writing here today is because the picture of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa touched me so much I began to cry woahhhh i am glad photography can have an impact on people.I read your welcome side bar and i admire the contradictions and honesty that is incredible <3


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