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Kate Wears McQueen in Birmingham.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kate Wears McQueen. Photo: Zimbio

It is not news to point out that McQueen reigns supreme these days in Kate's fashion wardrobe.  I would almost go so far as to say that McQueen is to post wedding, as Issa was to pre-engagement.  I only hesitate because the lack of time over which to test longevity--Issa dominated for some years.  Nevertheless, the Duchess has obviously favored her wedding dress label, and who can blame her given the creations she has stepped out in!  The McQueens have been among the loveliest we have seen, starting with her wedding gown, the Trooping of the Color jacket, the fantastic military coat that made SuperStar look, the sailor dress from PEI, and last but not least the stunning evening gown she wore to BAFTA.

McQueen on Armed Forces Day

McQueen at BAFTA

McQueen at PEI

McQueen at Trooping

The Ultimate McQueen at Westminster Abbey April 29th.

This is a little different, though, from the other McQueens.  One interesting element whenever Kate steps out in McQueen is how much more Kate Middleton it is than Haute Couture, and I say that as a very good thing.  Kate seems to find or alter her choices to match her taste and the outcome has never been less than stunning.  This is the edgiest we have seen Kate, and I have mixed feelings.  I love the slit of the skirt, adds a fantastic feminine vibe and discreetly shows off her amazing legs!  Would it have been better to choose one or the other of the military pieces and pair it with something low key rather than two of these competing elements?  

When I first saw today's outfit on the feed my initial reaction was negative, and I doubt I would have given this look a second glance on anyone else.  Because it is Kate, I suspected that slowly, after seeing more pictures, it would grow on me until I liked it.  And indeed it has.   Has the outfit itself grown on me, or have I associated it with Kate's loveliness and come out liking it, I am not sure.  This outfit doesn't make SuperStar look, you already knew that, but it isn't going with the dreadful Birthday dress.  

To all those naysayers who snicker and sneer at Kate's fashion sway this is proof positive--if you needed more--that Kate can garner interest for more than just the "safe" choices.  Kate can make me, and many others, stop and give an outfit a fifth look-over that I would normally not have given a first, which is no small accomplishment.  I will say it is different, we saw so many structured sheath like dresses on the NA tour that, beautiful as they were, perhaps we were all ready for a bit of zing.  Every now and again, I think that is just fine.  

Apologies that this is rushed; I am (should be) frantically packing to leave town for the weekend.  I will be checking in on Berk to Buck, so feel free to give me your thoughts here or on Twitter!
Lovely weekend to you all!


  1. Love it! The military look certainly works for her. I also think its a nice, understated (but interesting) look, appropriate for visiting areas of devastation. Also glad to see she's looking bright and healthy. Towards the end of the tour, the both of them were looking a bit tired (for good reason!!).

  2. I do not like it. It is too much in one


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