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Pippa Middleton with a Picnic Lunch as She Cheers on Alex Loudon! [Updated]

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Smiling Pippa at Alex's Match.
Pippa was the perfect girlfriend this weekend as she cheered Alex Loudon on at a cricket match.  You may recall Alex used to play professionally, but quit several years ago.  Her dress is simple and lovely, the perfect accompaniment to the fantastic afternoon.  She brought along a picnic lunch, but as fantastic as the day seemed, Alex Loudon's team still lost to their opponents.  Pippa consoled her handsome boyfriend with a quick kiss, so the day wasn't a total wash.

Now, this is the way a couple should look; what a fun date!  The bad news came when I read that doctors are reporting requests for plastic surgery to give the posterior a little more lift, and they are calling it, "The Pippa Butt Lift."  Gosh, poor Pippa.  Talk about netting bad publicity.  It is all very well and good to be lauded for your fantastic figure, but she has been narrowly dodging bullets since--that butt award several months back--and apparently this one hit home. Thankfully, we already know this Middleton has a cheeky sense of humor.

See more detailed account of the match at the Daily Mail:   Pippa and Alex Out and About

One of my awesome reader's, Liz, pointed out that this looks like an Isaa dress, the Lucky.  I think it seems identical, the only problem is the back.  Kate has worn this dress several times, although never to anything high profile.  You would probably recall it most when she went shopping the day of the ARK party, see photo at bottom of my post on that day, but she has also been seen out and about in London in the dress, as well as a sports game.  Interestingly enough, each time Kate wore the dress it was in a different color, so my guess is that it was quite the hit with the Middleton girls.

The only snag is with this picture below.  This is Kate in the Lucky, but is has a mesh back. In all other photos of her in this dress she covers it with a sweater.  I don't follow the Issa line well enough to tell you if they reissued it with a back, but because of its popularity, I could well believe it.  Everything else seems to match the Issa's Lucky too closely for it not be some variation.

Then Kate Middleton in Issa

Seeing Pippa in an Issa does not necessarily mean we will see Kate in an Issa again, but I am keeping my eyes open!  Thanks for the tip, Liz!


  1. Pretty and summery! I wonder what the height difference is between Pippa and Alex. He looks huge in comparison to her.

    Also, this looks to be Issa's 'Lucky' dress that Kate also wears in several different colors.

  2. Excellent eye, it absolutely is! The dress bothered me, I felt like I had seen it before and I just dismissed it as similar to another dress Pippa has worn. I updated the post to reflect that. Thanks for pointing this out!

  3. My only hesitation is the mesh back...I will look into that.

  4. Wow, I'd never seen the sheer back of that dress before. I'm assuming that's her bra showing, yes? It surprises me somehow. It seems so...un-Kate-like, even pre-engagement!

  5. Aha! check out this link:

    It mentions the dress was sold in a sheer back version as well as two closebacked versions.

  6. Yes! That is a really good look at the back of the Lucky dress! @RyltyChronicles on Twitter found this page and I think it solves our dilemma! Well, actually for some reason I am having trouble linking, but this gives you the idea:

  7. It is her bra. I had to sift through my Kate archives for this shot, and I remembered it because it was so out of the ordinary. It is unusual for the reserved Kate, but there are some similar photos--I can send you snaps--where she wore things that raise the eyebrow. Well, just one off the top of my head. It was a private party years ago with William, and it was kind of a weird dress with ties at the back and her bra was kind of hanging out. They are all fairly early photos, or probably before she got used to the constant media attention. Kate learned quickly, though, she is naturally reserved, but I guess we all have days where we pull something a little too adventurous or daring. :) To me, it makes her all the more human.

  8. I love Pippa's dress (Maybe more than Kate's - I don't love see-through clothing!)... She looks very happy there.

  9. I wish we could see those snaps of her more daring looks. I know I'd love to see them ( :


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