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Pippa Middleton's Busy End to August

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes, I have most definitely decided to pool Pippa photos until that time when she is not spotted every day.  She works in London, so it should be easy to get photos of her whenever the fancy takes photographer.

Brief recap: on Wednesday she was in London in a very cute black dress and blazer.  The jacket is fantastic; I really like this outfit.

"Yes, it is I, Pippa, First Bridesmaid of the Land!" Photo JustJared

Everyone knows that Thursday is an awesome night to party.  Close to the weekend and gives you a last minutes boost to get through Friday.  It seems Pippa feels that way too, it was raining Thursday when she and boyfriend, Alex Loudon, emerged from Public in the wee hours of the morning.  Alex, famed for his reticence from the camera, was in no mood to be snapped, but Pippa, an old timer, took it in her perfect stride.  Some people hate publicity, but there are those in this world who thrive on it.  Pippa is most definitely the latter.  (I don't think that is necessarily a problem, but I think it is fairly evident with Pippa.)

Pippa Middleton leaving Public. Photo Zimbio

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon. Photo Zimbio

You may recognize the dress, it is from July 14, post here, and she has added a shiny clutch and this studded jacket.  

After her late night, the Duchess's sister was once again spotted grabbing her morning java in another dark trench with tan piping.  I don't know about this piece! It's...edgy. ;)  I don't think I would leap to it on the rack, but she pulls it together very well, with the complimentary colors of the dress peeking out beneath the coat's hem, and the nude flats and bag. 

Coffee and pastry for Pippa. Photo Celebrity Gossip.





  1. in my opinion, she was more patient with the photogs, right after her sisters' wedding...but slowly as the time passed, she seems to have had about enough of the photographers. i think she was just really happy for her sister, and she was always smiling in the beginning , right after the wedding, now, it seems, she just wishes the cameras would go away.

  2. what she doesnt like is a photograph in morning without her shades on but I don't blame her. She is 28 on 6/9/11 and by then Carole was married with 2 girls. Time to put a ring on it.


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