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Kate Shops at Wilkinson!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Duchess of Cambridge via Bauer Griffin

It was less than 24hrs ago we were bemoaning the long period before we would see Kate again.  VoilĂ , new photos of Kate shopping. I think these are most probably from today. I don't know, I am worried that too many photos of her doing these daily tasks will wear our viewing welcome thin both with William and Kate--not that it isn't already a little thin. I love to see them, but I don't want to see her angry! In any case, she looks great!

 She seems to have a shopping look, which is fine.  I fall into similar patterns, certain outfits for certain days and activities.  This looks like the same get-up from the Tesco photos of last week, but her jeans are dark here.  (Not to mention it is a different store and a different car.) 

I got home from work today and had a nice cup of Glengettie tea, my official Royal Wedding tea, a little slice of William's Chocolate Biscuit Cake, and watched the second half of the Royal wedding--from the sermon on. I opened my package from Majesty Magazine at the same time and it made the day absolutely divine. I suggest the same to you.

I agree with Juzz, one of my readers, that these are the kind of scenarios we will be seeing Kate in over the next month or so.  Cross your fingers for a picture of Wills and Kate at Balmoral going to church some Sunday...that would be lovely.

All pictures from Bauer-Griffin


  1. photos don't sell for as high a price if the subject is wearing the same outfit in all of them.....i suspect maybe she is trying to do that? but maybe not, .. i don't really understand your title... what does it mean? "peevish princess shops at wilkinson"

  2. Lol, I am sorry. I was hinting at possibility that the Duchess was displeased with the photos being taken, but ultimately, I think it is ok to take the photos. A royal reporter remarked best that sometimes the photos shouldn't be taken, not because it is wrong to take them, but the trouble is nor worth the effort. I guess these photos left me a little conflicted. I was happy to see photos of Kate, but the grocery store angle could get old quickly, for both the Kate and the public. I apologize for the ambiguity...I may change the headline.

    Wearing the same outfit isn't terribly exciting, but I think the photos will remain in high demand. Even the little differences here, the jeans, store, and car set this set apart from the last set. I am interested to see if she continues to wear the same outfit to shop, I feel it unlikely, but we will see!

    Really appreciate you weighing in! Stop by often. :-)

  3. Bit of regrowth there. Reminds me I'd better ring my own hairdresser! Sigh.


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