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Kate Gets Her Own People Special!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

People's Special Fashion Issue on Kate is fantastic. The magazine is eighty pages of great photos of the Duchess and some interesting suggestions to copy her style. It isn't fluffed with a bunch of advertisements, either, it really is quite lovely.

The suggestions from People to copy her style are also surprisingly good.  Often, you buy the magazine with Kate on the cover only to get a two page cover story with details you already know and pictures you have already seen.  With this issue it is all dedicated to the Duchess and gives a bang for your buck. Definitely suggest it!


  1. I just finished reading the magazine, and noticed the same!

  2. Also, some of the pages, specifically pages 46,39, and 37, look as if their printer had a disfunction! I just would like to say I LOVE LOVE your blog! So detailed, I love! New home page on my comp! xoxo

  3. I find it hard to believe that this is a legitimate concern. Even if she does have strange pigmentation (which I actually do all over my body-its known as vitiligo), why would she have to have it corrected? She's beautiful and always classy. Is "perfection" really necessary?

  4. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your comments! As you highlighted, some posts are more weighty than others, this is clearly one of the more frivolous ones. :-) I was not referring to vitiligo and obviously it in no way hampers class or beauty. My good friend has vitiligo and is one of the most beautiful women I know. Some women have darker pigmentation just in that area and other women with light skin and dark hair have trouble with shadowing as well. You can well understand why this would make you self-conscious. The question here had more to do with just why People Magazine didn't fix that shadowing!

  5. she is classy, and beautiful! i wish i was as beautiful as she is, (i wish i had the love of a wonderful man the she has too), but i don't think it's necessary for people to scrutinize every pore on her body , that's just .... weird!!!
    also, think i might get this mag. this seems like nice compilation of photos of her.

  6. The magazine is great! I really suggest it. Usually when there is a report on her it turns out to have only a few pages and pictures, so you buy the whole magazine for a relatively small amount of coverage. This was definitely worth every penny and has fantastic shots...minus the few already highlighted. ;)

  7. Hi Jane!

    Thanks for the clarification. I do well understand the self-consciousness that goes with altered pigmentation...especially because people always seem to want to comment (even strangers)!
    I wouldn't put it past People magazine, however, to purposely NOT fix the photo...just to generate buzz if they could!

  8. That is crazy! I feel like our society has less and less class and tact. People never seem to realize when they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

    Haha, well, they have generated some buzz here, eh? Ah well. :-)

    I really appreciate you commenting, I love the input!


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