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William and Kate's Date Night.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoying the simple things.

You have heard the rumors and they are true.  William and Kate were at the cinema last Tuesday for a little couple's date night.  Just like any other movie-goer, they went casual and Kate was wearing light skinny jeans and those famous slingback wedges.  These are some grainy photographs taken by a distant admirer.  Someone had at first doubted it was the famous pair because no one was running up and asking for autographs.  The pictures are fairly conclusive, though, and I think it is fantastic that the two can have a quiet night without being approached.

William and Kate were spotted here not long after their wedding, and it was rumored at the time that William had wanted to see Transformers, but Kate won out and they watched Bridesmaids instead. Perhaps, this was his turn with the UK's newly released Inbetweeners.  


  1. Jane- I love your page on 'The Cambridge Couple' excellent idea!

  2. Thanks. :) Glad you like it! There are so many that I don't have room to use in posts, and I just had to share!

  3. as an american, i have a question about the royal family. i heard that the people of the uk still give money to the royals. i am curious as to why the people are ok with this, or why it is still happening. i don't mean for this to sound rude or insulting, i am truly just curious. thx

  4. Yes! 'The Cambridge Couple' is such a great idea! I adore the topmost picture. Its literally visceral how much he loves her!

  5. Re: taxpayer money and the royals. I am an American myself, so I can only give you my perspective as an anglophile. I think part of the reason is that the crown has always levied part of its upkeep by taxes throughout the centuries. I think that the British people are very grounded in history and tradition and love their Monarchy as a symbol of their heritage and national pride. I have read several places that ultimately the breakdown on what the taxpayer contributes to the upkeep of the Monarchy is actually not very burdensome and many commentators argue a small price to pay for such a fantastic institution. Obviously, you don't have to look far to find that not all Brits would keep the Monarchy, if given the choice.

    It is certainly an ongoing debate and you can find many different (tax-paying) opinions on both sides of the issue. Obviously, there are members of the RF who should not be living off the common purse, in my opinion. Beatrice and Eugenie had 24/hr police protection that costs hundreds of thousands a year and that was withdrawn in the last year--which seems appropriate!

    I hope that helps a little. It is a little hard for Americans to wrap our heads around, but if you think about it from an historical perspective, I think it makes more sense. :) Taxpaying Brits are welcome to chime in!

  6. Rebecca, I like that one too! It stays at the top of the page. :)

  7. Jane, I love your site! I am British and just adore Kate. She has been such a refreshing addition to the Royal Family and her and William are a bright future for the RF. Your Cambridge Couple page shows how much in love William & Kate truly are - just wonderful.

    As to the points about the Civil List (the public money paid to the Royal Family through taxes etc), yes, quite a lot of people do resent it, particularly in these hard economic times, but it has been pruned down quite a lot over the years. Don't forget that Charlies, Camilla, William, Harry and now Kate don't claim anything from the Civil List. Their expenses are covered by Charles's income from the Duchy of Cornwall. I, for one, am happy to have our monarchy and in particular, our amazing Queen. She has carried out her duties unfailingly and with enormous dignity and grace for 60 years now and long may she reign! Annie, UK

  8. Hi Annie! Thank you for weighing in on the money issue! From your comments, it sounds like everything is pretty just and the royals are paid fairly, but not exorbitantly. I am so glad you like the blog! I love hearing from people when they enjoy it! Stop by often... :)


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