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Confirmed: William and Kate Are in Scotland Visiting HM

Monday, September 12, 2011

The rumors had started to spread some time on Friday that William and Kate were back in Scotland visiting HM, but the whispers were confirmed when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended Sunday services with the Queen and Harry at Crathie Kirk to commemorate and pray for the victims of 9/11.

No worries that it is a fake report, both a trustworthy royal reporter and an eyewitness tweeted the news.

It seemed logical that the weekend visit to Birkhall with Kate's parents couldn't be the only visit they would make to Scotland, since it was thought that they were specifically hoping to spend time with the Queen, so this isn't a huge surprise.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and the buzz is all about Kate's influence on the scene.  Short story, everyone loves Kate's conservative but beautiful style and the designers see the trend. Her most recent favored labels have been showing absolutely stunning collections, Jenny Packhan in particular is hitting the ball out of the park. Maybe I will have a roundup when its all over, but in the mean time check out her collection here.

Pippa was also in Scotland this past weekend, too, but not at Balmoral.  She was north for the wedding of a friend and wowed the crowd in a purple ensemble.  Unfortunately, I think the hat tipped more towards the Beatrice definition of wowed rather than the Kate way of wowing.  If you haven't heard of sea urchins, hop on over to Google and see the images that pop up.  Her hat is definitely related and the color is almost spot on.   This isn't the first strike out that Pippa has pulled in the hat department.  Maybe she should ask big sister Kate for some tips...  Aside from the hat, she looks lovely and happy and the dress looks very cute.

Pippa Middleton in Scotland. Photo Daily Mail.

Just to get you caught up on Pippa from last week, she went to work, per usual, the days leading up to her trip to Scotland.

On September 8th she dressed down in this very cute dress and loose sweater with red accessories:

Pippa Middleton September 8. Photo Zimbio

and on the 9th she wore this ruffled top with skinnies and again added color with her shoes and bag:

Pippa Middleton September 9. Photo Zimbio

Here she is earlier today without sunglasses!  Let us say that Pippa's style is not Kate's.  No it is not...

Pippa Middleton.

I think even Pippa is tired of the photos by now.  I know I am.  It was recently reported in the Mail that the Middletons have hired private security, which makes sense to me, but they don't work round the clock.  Perhaps the only good aspect to this constant scrutiny is that she can go to work and plenty of people are looking out for her.  See article here.

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