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Is Kate Shopping for Pippa's Birthday?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Duchess of Cambridge on Sept. 5. Via PopSugar.

No sooner do you say no Kate, and she appears.  The Duchess was in London yesterday, Monday the 5th, shopping at Peter Jones department store.  She was snapped getting back into her Range Rover with a protection officer assisting.  Today is Pippa's 28th birthday, so perhaps she was getting some last minute shopping in for today's celebration?  As no one is not informed, the Middleton's are a very close family so it makes sense Kate would be around to celebrate with her sister.  It remains to be guessed correctly whether they will party in the capital or go back to Bucklebury for a more low key, or at least private, affair.

Speaking of the Birthday Girl, she was photographed today (shocker) heading to work.  I have to say, this dress is much too short for a day at the office, although I love the lace, and it looks like it would be fantastic for some birthday clubbing.  Perhaps, she is hoping to take this look day to night, but some things just can't do both.

Pippa Middleton on her Birthday. via Pop Sugar

The happy note is the boots are back!  I have been rejoicing in the weather as I dust off my own.  I am still waiting for Kate to pull hers out, and frankly am a little apprehensive that Kate's boots may be a thing of her past.  We'll see, autumn is only just beginning, it would be a shame, but the rest of us will just have to shoulder on.  These black boots look a lot like Aquatalias, but I don't know.  Someone, somewhere, will no doubt ID them and when they do I will link!

Pippa Middleton on Sept. 6, 2011. via PopSugar

Lastly, the Daily Mail had a piece on some very cool 3D art being sketched by a British artist in Australia.  Among other notable events, he has depicted Kate and William's wedding at Westminster.  See full article and more pictures at the DM here.

Photo from Daily Mail article.

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