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Kate and William Grouse Hunting with Charles and Camilla

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Duchess of Cambridge. Hungerford shopping trip?  From

More stories of William and Kate's ongoing holiday in Scotland.  A girl on Twitter, whose father owns the estate that the royals rent to go grouse shooting, tweeted she had met Kate, William, Charles, and Camilla yesterday, all four of whom were out on the moor to shoot. 

Meanwhile, there are a few pictures of Kate that surfaced and were allegedly taken when she was shopping with her family a week or so ago in Hungerford, Berkshire. is where I found the shots, and you should check out their story for a few more details.  

Duchess of Cambridge.  See for more details...

She is wearing her engagement ring, so if this is from September, and not some unknown shot from earlier this year before the wedding, you can guess why I am excited.  Kate is wearing boots, which we haven't seen on her since before her marriage!  Frankly, this photo is very Kate Middleton circa 2005.  Hair loose, suede boots, black sweater with tie.  I love it and it would be interesting if when she is comfortable and just hanging with her family she reverts to her pre-royal style.  

Lastly, a reader at What Kate Wore posted this photo from the same day.  

Honestly, not everything about these photos adds up to me, but perhaps I have become too skeptical. I will keep you updated on any more details about the photos if they emerge...


  1. I'll bet anything we'll start to see those boots again as the weather cools down! Get excited!!!

  2. Oooh! I hope so, I really hope so! Love your optimism!

  3. You're right the pictures aren't new. They're from December 2010.

  4. Oh, very cool! Do you know where they were taken by any chance?

  5. she had such a sweet and pretty face before she lost all that weight. gain 10 pounds, kate!

  6. They were taken of Kate shopping in London not Berkshire on the 13/12/2010. I was sure I'd seen the pictures before too and then after a little rummage found them on


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