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Kate and Wills Open New Ward

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smiling Duchess of Cambridge. September 29, 2011

Per schedule, Kate and William were at the Royal Marsden Hospital to open a new wing and visit with the children. As I had thought, Kate did not recycle and instead arrived in a yet unseen Amanda Wakeley.  The sheath dress is her work attire of choice as we saw fully developed in the NA Tour and this is certainly one of its simplest forms!  Kate is clearly sticking with her current neutral color palette, but rumor has it she purchased this in two others colors, red and a gunmetal.

Although, Kate has been in London, William had just completed a 24 hour RAF shift and so arrived at the hospital sleepless!  You may have already known, but Princess Diana was the cancer hospital's president, the title William now holds.  It was also Diana's first solo engagement, so there was no doubt a certain sentimentality to the day.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are Greeted September 29th.

Kate has worn this lovely cross pendant with some regularity and you can find a similarly styled pendant for sale at Gemvara in several colors if you just have to have one of your own!

Gemvara's cross pendant

They say that when you spend enough time with a person you begin to develop their habits and mannerisms.  I think this might be the case with Kate today when we saw the helping hand yet again, just this time from Kate!

Below is a fun video recap of the event as well as a video of fairly raw footage of the walk-about:

That's all for now, folks, real life is keeping me pretty busy these days.
'Till more Kate news surfaces...

Kate's Got a Helping Hand, too!


  1. I was surprised that Kate would wear white this time of year! Maybe the guidelines are different in the UK than in America?! Of course I love her dress - was just surprised about the color!

  2. Right there with you! I was surprised by the shoes. I think it was a pretty warm day, nevertheless, I do wonder what the rules are!


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